December 15 2006

so i'm writing this from circut city as i wait for my parents. apparently a Christmas present for ME is being bought at the moment. this comes after i helped my amazing, loving, totally wonderful parents wade through my siblings' technologically filled Christmas lists and explained fun terms. anyway we went to check out and my mom goes "let's go look at big screens!" and i'm like, "why? do you want one?" "no, but lets go look at them." lol so the best part was that she wanted to llok at plasma screens but didn't know what to call them so just lumped them in with big screen tvs..............mmmmmmk

Jacob Wuertz

December 15 2006
plasma screen have 2 be replaced evry 5 years

Brent Walker

December 15 2006
plus there is a new type comming out that has better picture and you dont have to worry about burning images. mhmm


December 16 2006
thank you my wonderful bundles of information but the point was she just didn't want me w/ my dad...... we weren't tv shopping