August 05 2005
i swear, the person in the picture isn't me.
and i can't get it to change.


August 03 2005
so i woke up. and i slowly downstairs. as i was drinking my V8, i heard a high-pitched squeaky voice say,"take me to your leader and your laptop will not be harmed!" at first, i thought it was my brother Matthew, as he is experiencing the voice change that comes with pueberty. but *gasp* it wasn't him! it was John Travolta! i immediatly bowed down and worshiped him and he slapped me, gave me my laptop, and left. i than proceded to turn on my laptop and instant message all my friends when suddenly, i heard another voice say,"drop the bullshit, we know who you are." and it was Senses Fail! they told me how i was actually a man named Jimmy who was an ex-guitarist. apparently, i was hot stuff, i was brainwashed into thinking i was a girl, and i was selling on ebay for alot of money. Senses Fail had to get me back before anyone could buy me so than we all?

how does they story end? will Jimmybecome famous? will he sleep with John Travolta? who knows? tune in next time.