February 20 2006
i have been incredibly overcome this last week about how insanely blessed i am. yes, i am going to a wonderful school where i am a few good friends, but i have so many ppl scattered across the state that really really care about me. i mean, i have terri, kelly, and daniel up in cookville; brent and chianne down in the boro.... candise and shane ( ha ha), meaghan, and jeremey (ha ha) up in Clarksville (LETS GO PEAY!) _ youd think id say eric... but hes a butt_ it saddens my heart that i dont get to spend more time with all of them, life sucks. i think about memories we have and i would give anything to have those good times back. for example, we discussed the wonderful world of drugs today in Psych...... namely Angeldust... i know i know. so i txt brent and told him about it..... and i was taken back to all those times where brent and daniel would bring up that infamous email address... and it just makes me sad. or the time that chianne and i planned our entrance into piggly wiggly wearing lingere and carrying whips dancing to 'lady marmalade' ..... good times. being so far apart prevents us from making memories like that anymore. i mean, dont get me wrong, college is ok, but i miss everyone... prolly cause i have no friends where im at now.... moving on sucks.


January 05 2006
im on phusebox because brent insisted that i should be. if that sounded the least bit bitter, im sorry. im not bitter, bitter is bad. theyre symnonyms... wait... did i spell that right? synmomns? whatever.  thats one of those words like... saphesious... safecious.. I DONT KNOW! i  can never say that blasted word. thats probably not even close.... bless my heart