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Friday + Midterm = Grrrrrr.....

October 21 2005
Hey everybody, I just got taking my final in Literature, I think that I may have done better than I thought I would have. The way that my proffessor done the test made it easier. She would give us a certain amount of questions to do and we got to choose which ones we wanted to do. For example we had to do 20 out of 35 of the indentification terms. The way she done this made it a whole lot easier than I expected it to be. Well I guess that is all for now. Later and God Bless.....


October 21 2005
I hope you had fun at tha corn maze. I soo wanted to go but, i am of course a BROKE COLLEGE KID!!! LOL!! Kinda like the Relient K song "College Kids" wow that was random, yea. well I hope you had fun!! ByE!!