Abby Webb



i love... church. god. cheerleading. bubble wrap. bestfriends. lipgloss. gum. volleyball.scrapbooks. pictures. makeovers. movies. music. church. tv. sleepovers. eyeshadow. beaches. church camp. dr. pepper. purses. bonfires. october sky. fallout boy. roses. laying out. bronzer. tanning. curlyhair. straight hair. pink. tanktops. swimming. green. flight week. starbucks. cars. hawk nelson. perfume. drummers. daisies. flip flops. ribbons. berkies. quotes. icecream. radio. sweet pea. pictureframes. shopping. mascara. sleeping. red sox. restaraunts. ring tones. cell phones. crafts. tallpeople. style. earrings. buff guys. my chemcial romance. inside jokes. lucky you. truckerhats. clinique. friends. fakeflowers. frequency. astroturf. necklaces. hawthorne heights. notes. balloons. newyork. europe. pedicures. manicures. light rain. bus rides. bubblebaths. mexico. randomness. BIG hugs. parties. roller coasters. the notebook. windows down, radio up, singing LOUD. braves. smoothies. strawberry daiqures.smiles. home-ade commercials. eating. 6 FLAGS. Super Heros. Jake Gyllenhaal. basketball. prayer journals. stars. hammocks. initiations. hand holding. first kisses. smoothies. youth rallies. drive in movies. dressing up. love songs. clearance racks. cheese cake. bear hugs. road trips. texas. rolling. inside jokes. dressing up. hoodies. vacations. fireplaces. driving. poa. butter. comments. guy's cologne. 4th period (freshmen year). singing. christmas. football games. snow. guitars. steven speaks. birthday cakes. voice mails. caramellos. smooth legs. car rides. banana popsicles. take 5's. caramel carabou ice cream. sun sets. win a dat with tad hamilton. christmas carols. little black books. sunglasses. scarves. weeping willows. youth groups. getting mail. toots after games. loosing weight. kentucky. funny movies. some scary movies. christian guys. pools. long talks. loosing track of time. homecooked meals. chocolate. caramel. dancing (in front of the mirror).laguna night. laughing. you.

Favorite Books

i don't read, lol