June 04 2006

    Hey I'm Stuck In A   In O'Fallon, MO At 12:05 AM .With my Mom,Dad,Little Bros, My Aunt And Uncle Are 2 Floors Down, And My Grandparents Next Door.

    We Left On Fri June 3,2006, And Are Gonna Leave Approx. 09:00 This Morning. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Bored. We Are Supposed To Go See The , I Guess That Will Be Fun.

 Talk To You Later-Matt


May 28 2006

Hello It's Been Awhile But I'm Back. Ok Here's The 411 On What's Happened Since The Last Post:

1: Got Out Of Daniel McKee The Gayest School Yet

(ask Chris Slate) It's Wayyyyy Overrated

2: Got A Job YAyyyyyyyyyyy

3:Got A New Computer (At Least 4 Me) He he

4:Fine Arts, Didn't Advance, O Well Always Next Year

And Other Things But That's Another Post.

mid week

February 15 2006

Its The Middle of the week and it sucks like dirt-

The end