January 04 2006

Whenever New Years comes I get all nostalgic. And I start to look back on the entire year, which isn't always a good thing. So here's a list of some of what I did or didn't do this past year.

*somehow managed to not die in school
*got carried away with the wrong guy
*got the first lead in a play
*realized that acting is what I love more than anything and finding out that I'm not entirely sucky at it
*being in AIDA, one of the most amazing shows ever
*trying my luck at singing solo, and it not going so well
*writing and directing a play with my friends- which was stressfully awesome
*going to Canada and seeing Modest Mouse in Toronto
*seeing AJ
*coming to terms with the loss of innocence
*failing into a bad situation with boy
*having an awesome time doing a Monty Python Show
*finding out that some people aren't worth it
*but also realizing how insanely cool all of your friends are
*kicking ass in soccer, but missing the school team, I regret quitting
*attempting to sing solo and not totally fucking it up
*understanding that some wishes aren't meant to come true, because even better ones are on their way
*finding out whats worth it
*realizing that I actually do fit in with my family

So my goal of this year is to stop sitting back and waiting for good things to come to me.  And maybe actually stop being a pansy and suck it up and take a risk every now and then.

Happy New Years everyone!


January 06 2006
happy new year's, sophie!


January 09 2006
Same entry two different places? You are better than that.