December 04 2005

Yeah, so I got my license finally a couple weeks ago. Since then I've become my brother's full time driver, which is cool since my little brother is like freaking amazing. He always wants to go to Hastings, and then he always decides to buy me chocolate. Isn't that cute?

So I made mid-state, even though I totally fucked up my auditions, like total shit. But hey the choir gods were smiling on me for the first time ever.

Friday I went and attempted to play pool with Mark. It got so bad that he started knocking in the balls for me and there were times when I made the balls bounce..ick, that sounds so wrong. Yeah so I'm perverted so what? Anyways after that he dropped me off in front of Cathy's car and we went to go see this crazy mentalist. It was so amazingly awesome.

I went to Tech to see everyone, made me think about college. About how much I want to get out of high school and be independent, but at the same time, pretty freaked out by the responsibility and choices. It's  probably because at times I can be so indecisive. But hey it was nice to see James and Jacob, who crack me up. Then I had a nice sleep on the way home.

Then me, Chaps, and Erin drove to Kroger at 1 in the morning because we wanted lemon juice for sugar shots. It was so empty and weird. The people you run into..

And so now I'm sitting, typing this while Erin is making me into a superhero, America's Next Top Model Style, which isn't exactly turning out quite as awesome. Because contrary to them, I can't look gorgeous with 5 pounds of crazy colored make up on my face.

Sounds like fun, eh?


December 04 2005
Not at all.

Rachel Chase

December 04 2005
i have an awesome lil brother too! ^^ lol haha i bet u look gorgeous! ^^

Rachael Robertson

January 04 2006
ah... little brothers.