November 13 2005

So everything is getting better. :-)

Except for school. Urgh, so much fucking pressure that I'm going to blow my face off.

I went to go see Rocky Horror Picture Show with Mark, mabye we're just stupid, but we understood like nothing. Maybe the movie is better? That's what the guy in front of us said. But it was pretty interesting and hilarous too see all the people bring props and act out the plot in the audience. This old man got up and started dancing. It was seriously the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.

Anyways. Thanksgiving soon! I love Turkey day! I get to go to Nashville and see all my crazy musically inclined family. So basically I spend the day listening to them all 'jam'. It cracks me up.

Yeah, so that's it.  


November 28 2005
Whad up.