November 02 2005

Yeah, well I got one of these to kind of branch out from all the regulars, I suppose. I mean everything has fallen into this same routine and it's so dull. Deadly dull. I just can't stand it anymore. And so I was like hey, change time. But I'm rolling my eyes at myself because this really isn't a big deal.

Anyways, the username is from this really cool Coldplay song. And it was the first thing that I saw laying around my computer. So, boom, it's a title. Heh..

School blows. I want to par-tay!

Fall is the bestest season ever. I mean it's like perfect weather, sometimes it's a bit nippy, but it's amazing for sports. :-)

I suppose that's all. Yeah, real exciting..

Tyler H.

November 02 2005
hey, fall roxorz

Nick Hawkins

November 03 2005
Par-tay on Satur-partay-day