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I wanna love somebody like you♥

December 01 2005

Laughter is medicine.
Aye me,I laughed so hard today.
In choir I drew a picture.
What of you ask?
Mrs. Gregory.
It was so like her,
roots and all.
I think I had about half the class laughing.
It's hard to sing in French that way.
I'm going to see Keith Urban
Twice in a week.
Not till Valentines day though.
Oiy, I'm uber excited!!
So I was thinkin'[here she goes again]
Why do people lie so much.
I mean, come on,
Why hide something for years,
that in the end isn't a big deal?
I hate when people do that.
haha. random.
So..I just walked outside,
got on my bike,
rode down my drive way,
around the ct.
and then decided it was too cold,
and came back in,
I hate days like this.
My family is aggrivating me.
So call me and come get me,
save me from them..hah

Let's Cuddle

Adults are like a combination of sadness and phobias. ..

November 28 2005

So sometimes I just have these days,
days where I think about things way deeply.
I love the rain.
I hate over-thinking,
which I do quite often.
I want to rant about stuff,
or just let everything out.
I wanna write a movie, or a play, or something.
I just have all these things going through my mind &&
It's crazy how I can't just explain it.
I have a talent.
This is in no way to be taken as me be conceded,
but I write expressions down really well.
I have a writing ability beyond most peoples thoughts.
My dreams have become a false reality.
I mean, I can't concentrate anymore.
I end up somewhere else.
I can't control my thoughts.
Scary sometimes,
but then again, it helps me realize that
I can make my life how I want it.
Sometimes it just feels like the world is ending,
when I'm scared or angry or even sad,
but I always seem to get myself back up again,
usually just an emotional mask,
caused by a blow up or something,
then back to thinking.
I was thinking about my last relationship,
and just everything.
It didn't work out,
and in the long run it was a good thing.
I'm over it after a month of confusion on both parts.
I just think now that I want is to move on,
Get away from the familiar,
and find something new,
something non-habit forming.
Awe well.

How happy is the blameless Vestal's lot!  The world forgetting, by the
world forgot  Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! Each pray'r
accepted, and each wish resign'd.

-Alexander Pope

Why don't people ask "how are you" anymore.
all I get is "What's up"
Really now, what is up?
How are you, now there's a question.
oiy, I need medication.
I think I have a bipoler cold.
One minute I feel great,
the next I feel like I'm having a major
hangover, Where EVERYTHING is really loud.
I hate that.
So I only get an hour on the computer a day,
So now you guys can call me.

Back me down from backing up
Hold your breath now it's stacking up
Etched with marks, but I can deal
And you're the problem and you can't feel
Try this on, straitjacket feeling
so maybe I won't be alone
Take back now, my life you're stealing

-All American Rejects
[StraightJacket feeling]

You turn my legs to Jell-O♥

November 26 2005

Under the circumstances
that nobody can come kidnapp me
at midnight, I've changed it to
10 in the pm.
haha That's before curfew,
and all that jazz.
haha, I'm free tomorow,
Someone call me and we'll hang out.


November 25 2005
Today was pretty boring.
I had plans, but they didn't work out.
I ended up watchin 45minutes of problem Child.
haha. O well....I think somebody needs to call me at like
midnight thirty, pick me up from my place of residence,
and take me to Mcdonalds or something...lol
Not much else to say..
Let's Make a Scene

Incredibly interesting covos...

November 24 2005

riverdaleplaya08: wow....
riverdaleplaya08: i am thinkings.....
riverdaleplaya08: ks
riverdaleplaya08: .
riverdaleplaya08: of alot of things
riverdaleplaya08: like
riverdaleplaya08: ...
riverdaleplaya08: nvm
Wastedinthesoup: you know what you're like
Wastedinthesoup: a preview...you get so much into your story...and then i don't get and ending
Wastedinthesoup: you craka
riverdaleplaya08: lol
riverdaleplaya08: u called me a craca
riverdaleplaya08: =P
Wastedinthesoup: i know
riverdaleplaya08: u wanna know what im thinking??
riverdaleplaya08: i feel like albert einstien or somethin
Wastedinthesoup: that you love me more than anything and 2 plus 2 is four
riverdaleplaya08: i am always thinking that i love u
riverdaleplaya08: but im talking about the random stuff
Wastedinthesoup: hehe yeahhh:-)
riverdaleplaya08: and im thinking beyond the point of 2plus 2
riverdaleplaya08: pssh i love u more than my new icon thingy
riverdaleplaya08: !!
Wastedinthesoup: lol
riverdaleplaya08: sarah
riverdaleplaya08: how do do not walk on the grass signs get there if u cannot walk on the grass??
riverdaleplaya08: and why are circle pizzas served in square boxes
riverdaleplaya08: and if ur borne ear-less and ur sorta blind.. can u wear glasses?
Wastedinthesoup: yes
Wastedinthesoup: because it's easier to carry a box instead of a  circle
Wastedinthesoup: && U stand on the sidewalk to put the no walking on grass signs up
riverdaleplaya08: u have questions for my answers
riverdaleplaya08: i think ima blurt all them out to u
Wastedinthesoup: lol
riverdaleplaya08: because ur like... geniousX10
Wastedinthesoup: lol not really
Wastedinthesoup: i'm just a smart ass
riverdaleplaya08: hehe
riverdaleplaya08: do stairs go up or down?
Wastedinthesoup: up
Wastedinthesoup: cause you can't start at the top of them when building
riverdaleplaya08: if the sky is the "limit"....
riverdaleplaya08: what about outer space?
Wastedinthesoup: it's unlimited'
riverdaleplaya08: can your earwax be lit on fire like a candle?
Wastedinthesoup: probably
riverdaleplaya08: if u ding a pot on ur head, does the person next to u hear it or only you?
riverdaleplaya08: why are french fries no longer vegetables even though they are just potatoes cut up and friend?
Wastedinthesoup: they hear it and they really are, someone just lied to you
riverdaleplaya08: oooh...
riverdaleplaya08: arent the good things that come to those who wait just leftovers from people faster or more greedy than them who get there first?
Wastedinthesoup: no, not really
riverdaleplaya08: i was called cute as a button by my grandmother today... are buttons all that cute?? :-\
Wastedinthesoup: yes they are
Wastedinthesoup: the cute ones
riverdaleplaya08: why was yankee doodles hat named macaroni
Wastedinthesoup: cause beef stew would just sound silly
riverdaleplaya08: who thought of squeezing the dangly things under a cow to get milk?
Wastedinthesoup: mr. cow
riverdaleplaya08: who was the genious who thought of eating the things that came out of chickens butts but not ours?
riverdaleplaya08: LOL!!!!
Wastedinthesoup: a person on chicken island
riverdaleplaya08: whoa...


Wastedinthesoup: haha...hit me up wit dat email craka
doovhies: Bitch! What u playin at?
Wastedinthesoup: shooo yoo kno
Wastedinthesoup: don't make me take my earrings out
doovhies: mmhhhmm, u betta take dem out befo i go latina on yo white bitch ass self
Wastedinthesoup: shoooo no he didn't...don't make me break a nail on you
doovhies: Slut! I'ma bite yo nose off!!!
doovhies: Your burning nose
Wastedinthesoup: shooooooo do me a fava' then...
doovhies: lmao
doovhies: That one got me
Wastedinthesoup: haha you nearly had me there
Wastedinthesoup: I feel gross.
Wastedinthesoup: All that incorrect grammar
doovhies: Yeah, You should take a shower and wash the stupid off of you.

Wastedinthesoup: lol yeah...it's alot better saying it in person than on the internet...you get the feeling of it
Wastedinthesoup: haha
doovhies: Isn't everything like that Sarah
doovhies: Hah
Wastedinthesoup: Yeah.
Wastedinthesoup: LIke that type battle we just had would have been more fun in person
doovhies: lol, We could have acted it out...
Wastedinthesoup: and taped it...
Wastedinthesoup: we could have even made Jerry Springer
Wastedinthesoup: except you'd have to be my cousin/uncle/father/boyfriend
doovhies: Who says I'm not?
Wastedinthesoup: true..
Wastedinthesoup: now we need a DNA test to see if your the babies daddy
Wastedinthesoup: for my twin black children
doovhies: I aint got no bagies
doovhies: I aint got no babies niether
Wastedinthesoup: shooo they yours they yours
Wastedinthesoup: they got yo nose
Wastedinthesoup: and they got two eyes, juss like yoo
doovhies: Nah, dey got yo nose cuz I fed it to dem
Wastedinthesoup: ooo what bout skank ho barbie, you been seein her when you been sayin you workin'...i ani't a foo...i don't believe that mess
doovhies: I'd rather be with skank ho barbie then fettucine alfredo barbie!!!
Wastedinthesoup: scuse me, juss cause he is a dragqueen on weekends at Ocharley's don't mean you need to be talkin bout him, he brings in mo' money than yo broke azzzz
doovhies: yea, well.....I'm gonna eat yo driveway
Wastedinthesoup: go ahead, it'd be doin me a fava
doovhies: lol, we are straaaange

haha so yeah...very inetersing

I don't want the world to see me 'cause I don't think that they'd understand♥

November 23 2005
I went to applebee's today with my girls.
We had fun...pretty much spent 20/30minutes in
Dillard's bathroom, and got kicked out of
American Eagle...but hey it was awesomely amazing.
I love those girls to the highest extent!

Then I came home,
went to my aunts, babysat for 2.5 hours.
Then hung out with my family who critisize
every single word you say,
and everything about you.
Not to bad this time.
My Aunt is down,
She's more like a cousin it feels.
[She's 20] && She's pretty cool.

I'm not feeling too great, but
I am probably going on a trip this weekend,
to Myrtal beach [yesssss]
I feel like i'm planning over stuff,
but i can't remember.
I hate the feeling of "I think I forgot something".

Do you ever feel like you just wish somebody
would call, so you could simply just rant a little,
or talk about something sophisticated, or atleast
a little meaningful. Oiy, I rant on this bugger
pretty much all the time, non meaningful of course,
and it doesn't really give me feedback,
but yah know. See, I love hanging out with
my girls...they're wicked cool.
I just have this weird connection that
I hang out with my boys more.
Don't get me wrong,
The 6 or so girls I actually hang out with,
are amazingly cool...but I just get this
comfort from my guy friends,
I'm less confrontational with girls,
and I get along with guys better.
Sometimes I just feel like nobody cares.
I mean, my family has no feeling tward anything.
It's nice to hear encouraging words once in a while.
Take for instance this:
So my sister made honor roll.
They gave he 100fucking dollars.
WTF??? I've made honor roll
every year since the 1st grade.
It's not jealousy, it's just like,
what am I, chopped Liver?
I mean, they don't focus on me,
simply because i'm not a problem child.
They have no clue what I've gone through.
My problems. My friends.
They see me as the good kid,
who's every single mistake is critisized extensively.
It sucks.
I just want to feel,
wanted i guess.
Maybe that's why I date losers.
hah. Gotta stop that.
I don't know if it's cause I'm sick,
or just thinking that I feel like this,
but there it is..
ahhh well, i'll shuttup.

[This is Melly Melt...she's pretty cool]
Tomorrow's Turkey Day.
Don't eat to much.<3

Where'd all the good people go? &hearts;

November 22 2005
Anybody got any plans?
call me or something if you want to make some!

what can I say...

What happened today?
5th-Sang in front of
the whole flippin class,
let me just say,
I was shaking like a leaf.

So..i had a day of test and singing,
blehhh...I"m enjoying my break as of yet...

I love rock&&Roll, put another dime in the jukebox baby...

November 21 2005
Aye me.
Today was quite interesting.
here's the school day:

1st: Labs
2nd:Sub, we just did vocab.
3rd:Christmas music,
We're singing winter wonderland
right now, It kind of sucks.
4th: We got our test back,

there's a story behind this pic,
but I don't feel like typing it again.

Nick hit my ear and made me bleed.
haha. It was humorous,
then this girl like sat on him.
Now that was
humorous to the extreme.
5th:Mrs. O'steen was
out of the class
the whole time.
We just sat in there,
talked on the  phones,
and just chilled.
6th:Nothing really.

So that was highly boring.
but then I went to starbucks
with my Teresa!
It  was so friggin funny.
I love that kiddo.

other than that nothin really.
I saw harry Potter.
that leaves Rent && Just Friends
open for you all.
Wednesday is totally packed.
Thursday:Turkey Day.
If you wanna hang out,
call me or something.

[615] 513-5685
{my cellular}

I love these girls.

can you give yourself lipo
with a vacuum cleaner?

Maybe the absence of signs is a sign

November 20 2005
a fortunate accident. [Serendipity]♥

Me mum bought me
The Phantom of the Opera,
House of Wax, && Frank Sinatra's greatest hits.
All are simply exquiset.
I am singing in front of 30 some odd people tomorrow.
I'll probably pass out.
ahh well.
I'm no in love with the movie [Serendipity]
It's such a great movie.
Very interesting for the wandering mind.

I want to be a cosmotologist.
or a stylist for the stars.
[movie stars that is]
Aye me...if you need a stylist,
hire me..haha.

I can read...really.
haha I  love reflecting on the past,
just the good things.
aye me...wanna se wayyyyyy back in June...

o well...
I guess i'm gonna go.
I need something to do
this coming weekend,
anyone wanna make plans?
i need to see

-Harry Potter
-Just friends

so yeah, make plans make plans:-)

L-is for the way you look at me. O-is for the only one I see V-is very very, extra ordinary, E-is even more than anyone that you adore&hearts;

November 18 2005
Let's listen to some groovy tunes.
Talk all afternoon.
Make up stupid songs,
all day long.

haha i love how random my rhymns is [lmao]
Man I get to hang out with some groovy kids.
This week has been filled with awesome people.
Guess who has nothing to do tomorrowwwww...
Or sundayyyy..lol

If only Mrs. Gregory could see me posture.
hahaha...aye me, I am a choir nerd.
[&& Proud]

....I'm lovin it.&hearts;

November 17 2005
You know how it feels,
When you just can't have a good day.
&& Everyday just seems ordinary?
I feel like that alot lately.
O well.
I have edited this,
it was utterly depressing.
I hung out with Reese today.
She made me smile.
then I ate chicken mcnuggets,
made me feel fat, but that's
what mickey'ds is for.

So anyway,
I have this thing called a phone.
&& You can call it,
cause I have free nights and weekends.
haha. yeah i'm a loser.
I think i'm gonna quit school
and become a tight rope walker,
Or maybe a human cannonball.
that would be wicked.
[to the extreme]
aye me,
that's my favorite saying.
along with none-the-less.
look i'll use them in a sentance:

Aye me, life is crazy, none the less, it's amazing.
yeah that's how it is.
haha I have no life,
I have to sing a song for
Speech, my mom wants me to sing Time Warp,
I'm up for it,
but it's hard to really sing I think.
Hrm, any ideas of songs?

Tounges are gross.
I realized that today.

anyone up for never never land?

Because I'm easy...Easy like sunday mornin'&hearts;

November 15 2005
So today was pretty uneventful...
Nothing is really going on .
I wrote this post like 5minutes ago,
and it deleted itself when i hit submit.
I wasn't very happy.
here's pretty much what I wrote:

What happened today:
   1st-I showed up late because my dad was held up in work.
I didn't realize i was gonna be late till about 8pm.
He ended up getting here at about 20 after so
we take livvy to school, and I'm thinking "what happens today"
and I really didn't remember, and so i walk into Biology only
to find they are taking their practice writing.
I was about 15 minutes behind everyone,
so I had to go sit in the hallway.
Therefore I missed about 10minutes more of the class.
She had draw a drawing that looked like sperm,
and of course my name was next to it....of course.
So we mainly just chilled the rest of the class.
   2nd-We did vocabulary and grammar.
Me and Kayla decided to sing random songs.
we were singing "easy" and then "under the sheets"
[Our rendition of "under the sea"]
It was amusing...so we "group" worked on our homework,
got that done before the end of class...
   3rd-we sang....Christmas music...I miss "I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause"
I also missed my Becca Hicks....aye me...
  4th-We went over  the study guide.
then me and Nick got married...by Ellen,
who was pretty much the wedding. It was funny.
Lunch was kind of dull...I feel like i get on their nerves
like half the time, then it's fine....I just am secluded in myself,
and i am lonely cause because of that.
  5th-skits...I love that class...it's amazing, as are the people in it.
we are doing an oral interp of any song...i think i'm gonna do piano man,
by billy Joel....it's one of my favorites...
  6th-I came in 15minutes late,
simply because Jessica and I decided we had to pee REALLY bad,
and we told her, and she let us go....so therefore we did.
and that was fun...then we came back and conjugated verbs.
and that's basically it...other than the telling Jared he's a woman..
that was pretty fun...

So i come home to find out we have to go out to Rockvale,
and we go to get my Grandfather, and take him to The nissan
place over near Jackson heights....then my pops took me to
Ruby Tuesday, and we celebrated my sister making honor roll.
&& Now I don't feel very well...nonetheless the food was good.
This week is prety busy the rest of the way through.
Tomorrow Im hanging out with some awesome amigas.
Then Thursday I'm exorcising with Lareisa[love that lady]
&& Friday Bowling && SPending the night with
Haylo and Whitney...fun stuff....
I'm free Sunday and then next week,
Monday and Tuesday are free...Wednesday
I have to babysit for like 2hours...then Thursday
is Turkey day...and Friday who knows...
My family isn't really in to celebrating much anymore.
We have no more than about 5 people during the holidays.
Thanksgiving isn't really a big deal anymore I guess.
1D...1C...2B's...2A's....average report card grades...
I'm beginning to loathe school..aye me.

well i'll stop ranting now...
I'm gonna get off soon,
haha...i love storms...
I wanna go run in the rain,
alas, it's lightening....


Photography is a passion....Brings out the things inside, through color and scene...it's the remedy for a bad day.


November 13 2005
My cousin's wedding was last night.

It was really cute..my feet hurt really bad by the end though.
Me and livvy had to dress up, which was crap,
but it wasn't too bad,
we ended up going to Kroger and running around,
just cause we thought it was funny cause we sounded like horses.
haha. School tomorrow...kinda lookin forward to it(weird right?)

I didn't feel like smiling..haha
There is a kid on Figure it out with a mullet.
I love old school Nickolodean.
Okay well that's about it...
here is a picture of my feet:



November 12 2005

[Mother may I?.]


November 11 2005
I may end up in Juvenile in the next few days.
I'm not in a good attitude kind of state,
and my mom is a phsyco.
I need to get out of my house,
but i have very little chance of having a ride anywhere(sucks right?)
so pretty sure someone either needs to come get me or something..
o well...i have a wedding tomorrow afternoon.(ick)
but yeah, that's about all.

I know, i have the talent of drawing in sand...

From soda pop to ridalin...&hearts;

November 09 2005
aye me.

Oh so Electrikk

we walk on ceilings.


Note to self I miss you terribly, this is why we call it tragedy&hearts;

November 06 2005
I wrote a song...

Last Time
Bleeding from my eyes.

The crash comes from inside,

this broke,fragile body holds it

it all inside.

You're nothing but lies.

I've played and lost the dice.

this game you play is always the same.

You're a liar baby

(Give it your all)

Don't say maybe

(you know it's true, yes you do)

You were gonna save me.

(but I'm shot down)

'cause everytime's the last time.

Kisses on the lips.

I feel them through my fingertips.

They meant so much to me.

The butterflies would agree,

Then it all went down from there,

You know i just don't care...

You're a liar baby

(Give it your all)

Don't say maybe

(you know it's true, yes you do)

You were gonna save me.

(but I'm shot down)

'cause everytime's the last time.

We dance..underneath the stars,

Our love was hit by flashing cars.

and now it's over and now it's over...

You're a liar baby

(Give it your all)

Don't say maybe

(you know it's true, yes you do)

You were gonna save me.

(but I'm shot down)

'cause everytime's the last time.

Yes, everytimes the last time,

everytime...is the last time.

-By:Sarah Elizabeth Gearhart

Make me banana pancakes,pretend like there's no work outside, we can pretend it all the time...&hearts;

November 05 2005
I'm coloring my hair.
it is going to be brown.
Hopefully for a while this time.
haha. so yeah, brown hair.
New pics up of last night however tomorrow.

Where'd all the good people go?
Warning:I'm destructive

Where'd all the good people go?&hearts;

November 04 2005

oh the aida days...

yeah, we're that wicked cool

i miss my hair...

my order:

I want a large order of Banana pancakes,
so we can pretend like it's the weekend.

with a side of a friggin huge hug.
and Mountain Dew to drink.


does anyone else think that spicy peanuts are the shizz.

I'm hangin out with my teresa tonight. YAY!!
I love my fwends.
keep it gangster you guys. REAL gangster.

--What are your views on stem cell research?
--What would you change about our economy?

I want you to want me...i need you too need me...i love you to love me...&hearts;

November 03 2005

confusion makes me angry.

I loathe alot of stuff.
Life's been kinda crazy.
I'm sick of stress and
not "getting it"
and i'm sick of the fact that I got to the most highly
equipt highschool in the county, possibly the state, and
we have teachers who don't know what they're teaching.
I pity the fool who hired them.
[pardon my pun on words]
So this weekend [minus tomorrow]
I have nothing to do.
But I do have free minutes for you
to call me and tell me we are hanging out.
yep. haha. I feel like singing in front of alot of people,
or putting on a performance,
I wanna go to walmart or the mall and just
make people look at me like "WTF"
I want to get in a verbal argumentation with someone,
and win. haha. random yes, but me none the less.
I have a tendency to notice peoples shoes.
and then there's the fact I can make someone smile,
Well, i'm gonna go buy a ringtone [woow]
oh and i'm gonna eat wicked awesome pizza.
I know your jealous.

10 Firsts:

First Best Friend: Berger Bear

First Screen Name: Babyblues409

First Pet: shawna

First Piercing: ears

First Crush: Kolby in 2nd grade

First Music: Metallica

First Car: n/a

First School: MNP

First House Location: murfreesboro, tn

9 Lasts:

Last time you smoked: 2months ago

Last thing you ate: pizza

Last Car Ride: from school

Last Movie: Fox and the hound

Last Phone Call: Lareisa when i got out of school

Last CD Played: Nat King Cole's greatest hits

Last bubble bath: like 5months ago

8 Have You Evers:

Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends:yes

Have You Ever Been Arrested: Nope

Have You Ever Skinny Dipped:yah

Have You Ever Been on TV: yah

Have You Ever Kissed Someone and Then Regretted it: yep

Have you Ever cheated:on homework

Have You Ever been on a blind date: kind of

Have You Ever been out of the country:nope

7 Things You're Wearing:

1. ex-boyfriend shirt

2. jogging pants

3. bra

4. earing

5. earring

6. earring

7. earring

6 Things You've Done Today:

1. eat

2. talk

3. myspace

4. school


6. do homework... oh wait i haven't done that yet

5 favorite things In No Particular Order:


2. music



5. my new candle

4 People You Can Tell Anything to:

1. berger

2. kayla

3. amber

4. bobby

3 Choices

1. chocolate or vanilla: vanilla

2. hugs or kisses:depends

3. pens or pencils: pencils.

2 Things You Want to Do Before you die:

1. Have a family

2. Sing infront of alot of people

1 person you wanna see: ...

Is it me or do my eyes look white.