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September 04 2005
I'm so sick of frikkin crying,
how can everything be so perfect
then all of a sudden it's over...
what is wrong with me,
am i f*cking diseased?
I need help..
really bad

I'm going to church wednesday
and Sunday
and wednesday
and sunday
let's see how it goes from there...

heart break is aweful...
life's a nonconclusive nightmare...
sometimes perfect gets hit by a car...

♥somewhere in the memories.♥

September 04 2005
heartbreak bites. ♥

Nathan Moore

September 04 2005
yeah, heartbreak sucks. i have been there. but it gets better if you just trust in God.


September 04 2005
o my God that is the stupidest boy! i feel for you man, hunter almost broke up with me the other night and i was freaking out and couldn't breath and it felt like all my guts were being sucked into a blackhole in my chest. i got dizzy too. i talked to him yesterday on the phone and he was perfectly normal. he was like yeah i went to the movies with my girlfriend blah blah blah. im gonna see him tomorrow cuz im going to my cuzins house who lives in his neighborhood so i'll talk to him. i'm gonna beat the crap out of him. after all the things he said if he really did do this im gonna kill him. o man i'm gonna mur-der him... *ahem* look, im here for you. you're an awesome person, so do confide. my advice, watch a cartoon or disney movie and listen to happy music that makes you wanna dance around and get your groove on, then eat your favorite food. those usually make me happy. or paint on something, i painted my hightops today, and it was like a serious inner joy moment. they're so cool. i'll see ya kid. *}

Jessica Byrd

September 05 2005
i love you bertha baby and i know you can make it through this.