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June 14 2006

I'm in a weird state of mind right now.
but I guess I am lately.
I keep falling for him,
for no reason..
&& I can't stop,
&& he doesn't care for me,
but I can't stop thinking about him.
I {take this in a nonconceited way}
have my pic of atleast 4-5guys,
&& I've tried to get to know them,
and given them a chance,
&& i fail miserably,
I always come back to where I was before..
What's wrong with me?

as for my 16th birthday;;
It went pretty alright.
I got a bit of money
&&some of my friends
took my out because my day
was going terribly,
&& they made it better.
Mcalesters for birthday L-inner{lunch/dinner}
&& then the movie that made NO sense,
&& the fact i work fairy wings
&& they wore boas
while we dressed in our best!
so that was pretty cool.
now to the next stage:
the liscense...
will she get it..

to be continued....