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I'm through with these pills that make me sit still;; are you feeling fine? yeah i feel just fine...

June 08 2006

I just like how my eye looks.

So last night was  amazing

It was the annual Amber&&Sarah night.

We made this frikkin awesome food.

&& then we colored our hair pink.

&& then we had a mt. dew fight=)

{definition: Mt.Dew fight;a fight of slinging frozen mt.dew at each other}

&& then since we were all sticky

we went skinny dipping. haha.

&& then we came in and watched Nanny Mcphee. {very cute}

Then it was about 5am&& we walked to Mcdonalds

&& got some breakfast.

&& came home to chill for a little

&& fell asleep at 7pm.

We didnt' wake up till 1pm.

so yeah funnnn stuff.

I just burned the bottems of my feet

on concrete..oh well it was fun.

i still need to purchase some underwear.

3days till i turn 16.
mmm time flies.