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April 26 2006

West Side Story Began for us backstage kids.
I'm getting soooo friggin aggrivated by it.
I just wish everyone would be professional about it,
for maybe 2 seconds; just enough for us to get through the first part of learning it. but everyone's just goofing off,
and I mean i wanna have fun,
but you have to get the general part down.
and you can't do that by goofing off the whole time.
ahh sorry i'm ranting.
So the Cast is being pretty cool.
Well, to me atleast.
Seems as if a few of the backstage people
aggrivate them to the highest extent.
but it's gonna happen with all those people.
I had a really bad anxiety attack tonight too,
plus, the lack of sleep is getting at me,
and the fact i haven't eatin much today doesn't help.
But i think tonight was like the going up the hill,
it sucked major and once everything gets situated,
it'll be real cool and everything.
like the over the hill thing..heck it is hump day..lol
Ohh well. sorry for all the ranting,
but that's what these things are for right?
well not to rant but write how you feel or something..lol
nothing else is really going on.
West Side Story through next next week.
My braces come off in...5 DAYS.
that is right kids...they are gone{well almost}
heh. yep yep yep.
Report card was okay. I made a D in Geometry,
but what do you expect?
C.A.P.E Saturday
at 9:30. I'm sooooo excited.
and i think after WSS i will be volunteering at Vandi.
I love to volunteer, it makes me happy to know i can help people=)
Well guys;
i'll stop the whining and everything.
have a grrrrrrreat night and rest of the week.

Anthony Myers

April 27 2006
RE: The Grind is (and since its closing on Monday, was) a strait up dive. It was small, crampt and full of smoke and half dead people who had no place to go when the Rose shut its doors.