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March 03 2006

So i woke up this morning,
looked at my eyes
and i looked like i had just
smoked mari-ju-uana.
so i was like "ahh it'll go away"
and i took my contacts out
and put drops in my eyes,
went to school...
well we rounded 4th hour
and i'm pretty sure most people
started thinkin i was high ...
so i stopped making eye contact,
called my mother and went home after lunch.

so here i sit,
wishing i could go to starbucks..
about to lean my room,
eat some carrots,
yaddah yaddah..but yes
i am home 2 hours early...chillin.
this week has been so odd.

3-day week next week=)
{monday-spanish trip, no school friday}
the life of a rock star...
i'm just that fabulous..lol

Teresa Smith

March 03 2006
Sounds amazing? I think so. How about Starbucks Monday after school? We have lots to catch up on! I love love love <b>YOU!</b>

Teresa Smith

March 03 2006
Heck Yes you can I'll have my phone--class ends at 3:10 or 3:15. Call at like yeah whenever. haha &hearts;


March 04 2006
[: we talked, for once.


March 05 2006
haha, I try.

amber lancaster

March 07 2006
haha nice analogies there =) oh yes, our car singing is lovely, especially those long trips tht we do.&& im sure our parents love it just as much as we do.haha

Bekah Thoe

March 10 2006
I love you! you are a rockstar.. B.

amber lancaster

March 12 2006
thts one hot picture oh you miss sarah =)


March 14 2006
that sounds pretty sucky up there what you wrote, and jones soda pictures are the best, ive submited some pictures, never have been on a bottle yet


March 15 2006
hhmm maybe we should combine our talents of our picture making, we would definitly make it on a bottle, yeah right lol