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Rain Drops on Roses and girls in white dresses and sleeping with roaches...

December 30 2005

It's back...

I dyed my hair the other day.
i'll put pics up later.
Nothings been going on,
Christmas was fine,
New Years Eve Tomorrow.
Anybody got any plans?
I don't.
O well i'll party like it's 1999
Okay, well that's
all I have to say I guess.
Have a great rest of
Break kids, peace holla.
Keep it real, Kick it old school


Why do men have nipples?

Jessica Byrd

December 30 2005
odd child

Teresa Smith

December 30 2005
I'm still workin' on that last question of yours. :) <3

Emilio Estevez

December 30 2005
you and that guy are almost picking each others noses. I assume that is your padre. Men have nipples for decoration.

Emilio Estevez

January 01 2006
i thought i recognized your heading...i've been listening to Panic! ever since i got the cd about a week ago.

Andrea Leigh

January 02 2006
It was really cool seeing you the other day! Im so glad eveyrthing is well. You are such a pretty girl! I hope you have a great week at school! God bless. Andrea