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I can't forget the night I met you,that's all i'm dreaming of,now you call it madness, but I call it love♥

October 22 2005
Today was a day of memories.
Good, but upsetting none the less.
I can't stand the way reality hits in sometimes.
The way you hear a song and it kills you inside.
The thoughts of someone engulfs your mind.
Though all is good, your life is bland.
Without the one to hold your hand.
I hate the lonely feeling I have.

I need to get out.
have some fun.
You know the teenager stuff.
Someone come pick me up
and we'll go to the mall or something.

I feel as if I don't have many "friends"
In Spanish she said that it's a
huge compliment to call someone an Amigo.
(which incase you didn't know, means friend)
and i relized, I have all these people I call friends,
but I never hang out with them,
I only see them on certain occasions

Well, anyhoo. I guess that's all that's goin on.
I think my sister has strep throat(ick)
so I think i'm gonna stay away from her,
I don't need  anymore shots.
uhh..orthodontist monday,
I have to ask how much longer
i'll have these frikkin braces.
Probably like 2 more months.

Well if you wanna hang out,
let me know, i should be
pretty much free for a while.

--Miss Sarah♥

I was in love with that french fry.
Devin ate it.
'Twas upsetting.

Jessica Byrd

October 22 2005
damn that boy! eating the poor fry whom was your lover. sad sad moment indeed.


October 22 2005
that's devin for you. anyway. about the whole hang out thing- i know what you mean. i don't hang out too much... other than church/school/whatever. it's lame. but mostly my fault.

Nick Hawkins

October 23 2005
You can hang out with me amiga


October 23 2005
isn't that sweet.