Fall 2005 Semester! (very open and honest, be prepared)

December 16 2005

Alright. I am sooo home for the holidays!! I figured it was time to update in case anyone still reads this and enjoys the happenings of my life... Alrighty So I completed my first semester of college almost all good grades... got A's in Harmony, Voice, Piano, Clarinet Choir, Music Appreciation, and Marching Band. Got B's in AT (I was soo greatful for that grade!) and Lessons (not happy with that one). and then there was my D in english (this is what happens when you write papers that dont agree with your professors extremely liberal point of view). 

I've managed to hold together an amazing relationship with Stephen. We've both grown so much this past semester. Before I left to Tech I was struggling with some addictions. I had a drinking problem, and a smoking problem... Im not proud of this at all, but I am proud of the fact that I have overcome all of that. And I wouldn't have been able to do it without Stephen's help. I dont think I can stress how great of a guy he is. The future looks bright :-)

Ok lets see friendships have struggled this past semester. I've changed a lot and therefore I cant really hang out with a few people anymore cause things they say and do go against my beliefs... and a few of my friends I have hardly been able to get in touch with cause Ive been so busy and such. (I know excuses excuses.) ok so what else?

I think Ive written enough. Time to go relax for a while and put up a Christmas tree!!

Oh wait. I got a new clarinet for Christmas... it sounds super!

my sister did that for me... she rocks!