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November 21 2005

hey well it has been busy this past couple of days !i stayed the night with jessica and angie last night wich was fun i went to officer farmers funeral today omg these people kept making me mad i went on the highway and they didnt have any respect for us the kept getting in our line and everything! well im tired so im gonna go bye



rip~officer farmer truly missed but never forgotten!


November 16 2005

hey whats up a lot here i dont understand y people gotta die its so sad well if u havent already heard officer farmer died last night its sad and my cousins in  the hospital and a whole lot more so this week has been bad but its ok i will make it through well i g2g



R.I.P`~Officer Farmer truely missed but never forgotten

you never know what u got till its almost gone or gone

November 13 2005

listen tonight we was at my grannys and every thing was fine we was all having a good time and we got this phone call it was one of our cousins he said that the other cousin has got in a car wreck some drunk driver hit him in the tail and he crushed his right leg and may have brain damage u know we dont ever know what we have in life till its at a time or life or death but im believing that hes going to be fine god can do it he can make a miricle! but i g2g





November 13 2005

hello  i just got this thing so give me a couple of days and i will have it all set up