December 14 2005

Man I can't wait 'til Christmas!! what's all this mess with "Merry Christmas" vs. "Happy Holidays"??Both are acceptable but Holidays refers to Christmas so what's the struggle? - Christmas is the reason for the Holiday season and Jesus is the reason for Christmas!!! So MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you all have an awesome Christmas- and don't forget what it's all really about!!


December 14 2005
Yea. It really gets me when crazies like Bill O'Reilly say "It offends all Christians when others say 'Happy Holidays!" when in fact the word holiday means holy day! I mean is not the celebrated birth day of Christ holy? If anything said crazies shoul d be complaining about calling Arbor Day a holiday! I mean it is so hypocritical because they are arguing about so minute details. As Christians we should not need secular stores to remind us of the true reason for the season. Shouldn't our daily faith remind us that we are celebrating the Lord giving us His son to later die for all mankind's sin. We as Christians need not rely on Target to provide that reminder for us! Happy holidays, Starla!

Janelle Mitchell

February 04 2006
HEy STArla..don't know if you'll ever read this ..but Just wanted to say hello!!! hehe! Janelle

kaitlin gay

February 06 2006
hey baby! i love youuuu

Matt Kitchens

March 01 2006
hey, i was at one club last week, and i just wanted u to kno tht u did an awesome job. thank you, and u really put things into perspective. thanks alot!!!