November 20 2005
well- this is cool. I just heard about phusebox so i decided to get myself one. woo-hoo. anyways- life's going good- a lot of things happening/changing and it's been really difficult/exciting! Can't wait to see what God has in store for me. (yeah, i know i'm cheesy/retarded for using "/" but o well i'm lazy) hope all of you have a wonderful thanksgiving. Don't forget to thank God for all He does! I know I need to.

Brittany Nichols

November 21 2005
Hey starla! guess what? i can see u in Mrs. O'Stein's class right now! I am really glad u have a phuse box now! Hope u have an amazing day! ~Brittany

Jessica Sanders

November 21 2005
Starla! Congrats on your first post! Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!! ~Jessica