October 22 2005

Okay so today was really funny...ask me for the CD.  Amanda, Ash, and I went karaoke-ing.  We sang "wannabe".  Want proof?  There's a CD...lol

Tailgating was cool.  We hung out with the DSS crwe and then the BCM crew.  Saw a few people from AO.  This semester, as far as friends go, life is getting so great.  And it only took me a year to get involved.  :)

Still not sure what I want to do next year, as far as housing goes...RA or apartment?  Hmm...decisions decisions.

I want to tell people something...I've not been myself lately...I've stated that previously in here, but I feel like I must say it again.  If I have offended or hurt your feelings in the past month, I apologize.  Forgive me. 

This semester is definitely drawing me closer to God...I need that.  I need Him.

olivia carter

October 23 2005
i love you, and i'm glad we're friends.