All I can do is SMILE!

November 15 2005

I feel so happy.  Cloud nine.  Thrilled.  I' like.  LOL!  I really like middle school as that sounds.  I'm so cautious with my heart.  I really am.  But...I feel the walls start melting the more we talk.  I'm feeling more and more like I'm finally where I belong.  I know it's soon, and I'm still guarding my heart.  I can just feel my walls crumbling down at my feet and the real me, the real real me, being presented before him.  This is...truly amazing. 

Thank you God, for this.

I will sing

November 03 2005
I will sing, I will sing.

I will sing, I will sing.

I will sing of Your Holy name!!

And I will join with the angels singing Holy Holy

Our hearts rejoice in singing Glory Glory!

You are the reason that I sing.

You are the breath of life to me.


I will praise You in this storm....You are who You are, no matter where I am.  And every tear I've cried, You hold in Your hand....I will praise You in this storm.


Some people think that I'm very snobby, I think.  In all honesty, I don't notice when you're talking to me.  Too many times have I responded to someone when they weren't talking.  I guess it's a 'rule' with me that if you are not facing me directly or have tapped me on the shoulder, then you aren't speaking to me.  Is that silly?  Probably!!  lol.  I'm not stuck up, and if I don't say hi, it's not that I don't care.  I love being talked to out on MTSU's crazy campus.  I just never know who is talking to me, so I don't know how to respond.  Just in case anyone wondered that....

Today is a drag

October 25 2005

So right now, I'd soooo love to be sleeping, like Amanda is.  *sigh* but I must work.  Work is no fun sometimes, but it does let me catch up on my radings.  Contemplating whether I want to go to Comm or not...if not, I'll take a nap.

So....not much else to write...not much else to say.  Have a great day.


October 22 2005

Okay so today was really funny...ask me for the CD.  Amanda, Ash, and I went karaoke-ing.  We sang "wannabe".  Want proof?  There's a

Tailgating was cool.  We hung out with the DSS crwe and then the BCM crew.  Saw a few people from AO.  This semester, as far as friends go, life is getting so great.  And it only took me a year to get involved.  :)

Still not sure what I want to do next year, as far as housing goes...RA or apartment?  Hmm...decisions decisions.

I want to tell people something...I've not been myself lately...I've stated that previously in here, but I feel like I must say it again.  If I have offended or hurt your feelings in the past month, I apologize.  Forgive me. 

This semester is definitely drawing me closer to God...I need that.  I need Him.

Ahhh bored...

October 19 2005

I don't know if I like Area Government.  Hmm...I alos don't know if I want to be an RA or get an apartment.  *sigh* apartment with my girls Ash & Manda?  FUN!  Except for the price of food...when Amanda eats all of it.  PIG!  lol nooooo she's just got pregnancy cravings.  I wanna go home!!  :(  I miss my mommy and dogs and oh well, here I am at school...yay rah for me!

what a day

October 11 2005
So freakin' tired...bored too. Haven't been sleeping well at all. I did somethin that I never do...take a nap. I always talk about it, but I never do it. *sigh* I think I'm going to make a few appointments soon...

I've not been a very nice person lately. In fact, I know I've not been very nice. I'm sorry to those that I have hurt or offended these past few days. My life has flipped upside down, and I don't know how to deal with it.

Not much else to say....

bad few days

October 10 2005
these past few days have been really bad...really stressful. sorry to those that I've hurt...I haven't been myself.


October 04 2005
too late to be online...just felt like typing. if you want more info, go to my xanga. It tells most of everything that's going on. I do have one thing to say:

Michael -- thank you for making me smile. I need right now...can't explain why, but I'll let you know later.


October 02 2005
hi hi hi! what it is? It's me!! I'm pumpkin and darling are ordering pizza...mmmmm pepperoni. Do you know who pumpkin and darling are? Pumpkin - Ashley, Darling - I guess it's Amanda. LOL! Actually she should be Gerbil. Mmmm I'm hungry and I need to brush my teeth.

I just took a shower and let the water run down my body. It was soooo've got to try it once in a while. Anyway, I think I'm off, going to get some money form Mr. ATM.


September 30 2005 is good. I'm in a good mood. Last night was the end. I met *her*...but...trying to be okay with it all. Actually she' seems sweet. I'm going home YAY! Whoo....just have to figure out how to get my laptop home. I don't have a suitcase or anything...this should be interesting and fun. Hmmmm....

Well, all, I shall end this bloggy thing. Giong to read a book for history, like a good little angel that I am. () : ) SEE?! I think that made the angel face. Anyway...


(feedback is appreciated)


September 29 2005
working at the DSS. not such a great job, but pays me. scholarships, baby!!! I stayed up until 3 last night...finishing a freakin' outline. You're welcome Mrs. McCree...*sigh*.

I will write later. As with anything I say or do while at DSS, there may be typos, so....shush. :)

I leave you with this great quote that I found from a link on Michiael's phusebox thingy:

I got pants! I got pants! Great kid, don't get cocky! --Luke and Han, SW. Credit to Jared Huseman.



September 28 2005
hi hi hi. it's like 10:30 and instead of being awake, I'd so much rather be sleepin in my nice warm comfy bed. just writing about it makes me sad. but I must go to class...yawn. I need to buy some more tapes....can anyone take me to walmart? hmm...must bribe with money....

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Who is Jake Gyllenhal or whatever? whatever...

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Soooo true...


September 27 2005
I feel sick. yuck. I just want to stay in my room and relax. maybe I'll call into work. sounds good to me...

oh crap

September 26 2005
OH crap...I have a test today...and I completely forgot about it. Oh crap crap crap. I'm gonna fail. I guess it's better to take the test than not to take it at all. SHEEESH! I can't believe I frogot it. *slaps myself with the stupid stick* Crap....


September 25 2005
Does no one care what I write in here? I'd like some FEEDBACK people!! *snaps*


September 25 2005
I've not been feeling myself today...Mom came over. I miss her so much. I miss home. I just want to get off campus again. I want to just..get away and not deal with whatever is going on right now.

How come no one tells me I have beautiful eyes? OH WAIT!! I usually wear glasses. And they're not that pretty. I forgot. lol....slow day.

Well....I think that's all I'm going to write about. I will leave you with this:

You know how I know you're gay? You like Coldplay. (this was said to a guy) ha ha that was great!

Word UP!

September 23 2005 day ahead. Going to see Miss Leslie, she's going to give me a nice haircut. Oh yeah and i only have 1 class today. Yeah..and I get my computer back Sunday!!!! Whooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! I'm thrilled. I missed my lovely laptop. :)

No more point to this

Bright sunshine-y day

September 22 2005
I had a good night. I'm ready for bed, but I gotta help Amanda with her homework. Stupid percents...hate those stupid things. Anyway, onto other news...I like life. Life is my friend. It makes me smile and laugh. By the way...the glass is not half full, nor half empty. It is merely twice as big as it needs to be.

Ha, I make me laugh. Well...anyway...going to bed, finally. Everyone, love me! Sweet dreams and hugs to all!



September 21 2005
Talking to Steph, my old roomie. Wow...she asys I've changed for the 'so much better!' gotta love

So yeah...first post..I hate first posts. They are usually I'll find my post with points.

Zac held me back so much. Steph has noticed a difference in me. I'm more joyful, according to her. I will never let another person try to take away my joy or bring me down. Girl POWER! -- that was dumb...but inspirational.

Yay...soon I will see SIR ELTON JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him!!!!!!!!!!