September 08 2006

Hi! My name is Kristen! i like egg rolls and wonton soup and cars that don't go squish, and cold bbq, movies you accidentally buy but can't hear. i am tech-no-logic-ly CHALLENGED! i like to wear polos of fun color and free food.iiiii didn't write this, but DANI DID!

Dani also likes wonton soup!


September 08 2006
woot woot Kisten est on phusey-boxy!

Rachael Moore

September 08 2006
we should go get some la siesta soon. yummy! just like the old days my friend.


September 09 2006
eggrolls and wonton soup!!! yum yum!!...ok so maybe not so yum yum.... and....yay youre on phusebox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!


October 01 2006
lol you're awesome kristen :]