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December 23 2006

So I got accepted into UT-Knoxville and well I am freaking excited!!!!! but I have a big decision.....

MTSU or UTK.....

Got any opinions?????

Garrett Haynes

December 23 2006

Rachael Moore

December 24 2006
my senior year i got accepted to ut as well... and i was all about it. i think the campus is nice and such... and it is ut football! however, mtsu does have that homey feel. so would you rather know everyone or start out in a new place with new people? either way God will lead you where He wants you to be. but congrats on your acceptance!


December 24 2006
Well, my vote would be for MTSU, but of course you should go wherever God leads you. Knowing your major also helps. If you major in something related to mass comm, aerospace, nursing, biology, or education MTSU is a good choice. I don't know what UTK specializes in. Anyhow, I'm sure God will lead you to the right place!

Nathan Moore

December 24 2006
I would have to say MTSU... all in all, it is not going to matter what school you graduate from...

Ben Moser

December 24 2006
I went to UT because it has a lot more options for me if i decide to change my major. It also has a lot more opportunities for me after i graduate. I still feel really close to all my good friends from home (and Brian is at Memphis, so I NEVER get to see him except at Christmas so far...) but I love it up there. There's a lot you can't describe about being away from home and somewhat being on your own instead of in the boro that I absolutely love. It's not that I want to get away from my family, but its nice to have something different, where I am more independent. Just pray about it.

Ben Moser

December 24 2006
lol oh and i had to make the same decision...UTK or MTSU.


December 25 2006
u know you're going to mtsu


December 25 2006
welll....pray about it. a lot. you still have some time to make up your mind on where you wanna go. remember...its your decision not mine or anyone elses. dont go to a college just for the fact your friends go there.go because its where you feel comfortable knowing that you will have a good education and a good mindset. PRAY!

Chelsea Turner

December 27 2006
UT. yeah.

Robin Morrison

December 31 2006
well, i'll be happy for your either way. but selfishly, i would love to have you at MTSU.

meredith taylor

January 10 2007
johnny boy!!!!! pray bout it buddy. God will lead you to where He wants you to be.