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A charge.....

August 29 2005
2 Timothy 1:7- for God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self -discipline............
I just got home from my weekly bible study and I have not been more fired up to share the gospel ever in my entire life. God has shown me that it does not matter what people think of me and God has shown me that me keeping my mouth shut about him has been a waste of him in me... I have done nothing for Jesus nothing.... but its time for a change its time for a new beginning its time for a charge.... My fellow christians that walk the halls of siegel high and oakland and blackman and riverdale and any others we have been giving a charge to share jesus christ with everyone....... and if you have noticed we are in a battle... a battle in which we are losing bad!!!!!!!!! WE ARE LOSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you not care that we are losing, people are gonna go to HELL!!!!!!!! do you not understand. At your complacency you are letting one after another soul slip away... I am just as guilty as all of you and I hate myself because of it but guess what this is a time for change this is a time for a new year... My junior year actually starts Wednesday because john barron is not gonna be john barron he is gonna be like christ and glory to JESUS because of it I am in tears at the complacency i have shown over my 2 years of highschool. I have done nothing to further Gods kingdom NOTHING!!!!!!!!! All I can say is With JESUS in me and his help I am changing.. I am broken right now before you and GOd. I will no longer be idle. No longer will I fear man or what he can do because all that matters is what God thinks of me and it has taken me a long time to figure that out..... Guys we have to change... we have gotta be diffrent we have gotta pray and pray and pray that we will be lights and not ligts with a blanket over them... Praise God if you are already sharing jesus and making him known...but if your not I encourage you to take a stand for christ I am gonna try no I can't do it on my own but "If christ is on my side who can stand agaisnt me" what a verse.... I hope this challenges you and if you want to talk to me then please do because I need to be held accountable to what I am writing I love you all and pray that we will live for christ and share him throughout our schools....

Praise jesus

August 23 2005
Praise Jesus for struggles! thats all I got


August 18 2005
Today I am 17 yes it is my bday yup yup I am excited but I am off to school somewhere I really don't wanna go but everyone have a wonderful day!

first day

August 11 2005
Well the start of something new we are now juniors.... that word wasn't even in my vocab a week ago and now thats what I am. I have absolutely zero classes with any of my close friends but thats ok because I have people in there that I know but I do have lunch with garrett and schaller which is a major blessing.. I am really kinda just blurred on whats gonna happen this year it seems to be making out like an easy one but then again first impressions are not always right.... so we will just have to see what happens so what did you do today? I wanna know so let me know... Leave some remarks!!!!!!! lol have a wonderful day and if you reading this and you are a good friend of mine you better be about to go get me a present for my b day which is 7 days away.........holy mess I am ready to be 17 ok thats all for now everyone have a great night and god bless


August 10 2005
school starts tomarrow.... I pray that jesus would light me up so that I would be ready to share his love I pray that I as well as you would not fear men because what God wants is all that matters... thats all for me short and to the point hope you all feel blessed because you are... have a great night

oh so close....

August 09 2005
9 days till the big 1 and 7 so yeah I can't wait leave some remarks.....................


August 05 2005
Yeah so I will be 17 in 13 days I think I can't wait and then school starts and for all you siegel disciples out there I have got one word for you 1 club well actually thats 1 word and 1 number but anyways please spread the word about it and if you feel you are a leader and you want to help lead 1 club listen for announcements for when we meet well thats all for me right now I just got off work and I am really tired so everyone I hope you have a radically awesome WEEKEND!!!!!!!! and I will talk to most of you later

"Unto you be glory glory unto you be honor, unto you be praises jesus forever and ever... jeshua jeshua jeshua unto you....."

"praise the name of jesus, praise the name of jesus hes my rock, hes my fortress, hes my deliverer and whom shall I trust praise the name of jesus"
Shane Bernard (great stuff)


August 01 2005
YEah so haven't upadated in a while and I really don't know what to right about school starts in about 2 weeks and I am definitely not looking forward to that day at all and.... I am really bored right now and don't know what to talk about everyone will you pray for josh and stephanie harrel because they are now in north carolina and no longer here :( so it kinda stinks but they are following gods will and thats the most important thing also clint and rachel if you haven't heard are having a little nadeo and well definitely pray that the child will be nice and healthy and all that good stuff well I hope everyone is doing well and leave some remarks you guys are slacking on me so I will talk to most of you wednesday at church have a blessed night and I will talk to you guys later

the island

July 23 2005
Yeah so me and my friends went to see the Island tonight and it was pretty good except for the occasional stuff it was a pretty good movie... I hope everyone is doing well my family and I just got done painting my room so I am really excited about getting my stuff back in there.... WEll everyone have a wonderful day and leave some remarks and I will see most of you tomarrow at church
P.S.. ben helped with my room to your welcome ben


July 18 2005
Yeah so I am in a big jam right now and I really don't know what to do..... I have been praying about it and I am trying to be patient. Soooo if you guys could pray about this for me I am really just I don't know its a weird thing I am supposed to visit my sister in california and I have never flown in a plane before and I would miss basketball practice and all kinds of things and i don't know if God wants me to go or not so if you guys could pray for me about this current situation.....I just don't know I know yeah its california but there is something that is making me feel really uneasy right now so I am just kinda sitting hear waiting for God to show me what he wants me to do.... but other then that I hope everyone is doing great I am doing just fine just a little stressed right now and i know there is no reason because GOd is in control but yet I am human and that is the worst excuse but prayer for me would be great so I hope everyone has a great night and a wonderful week and I guess thats it leave some remarks!
In JESUS, john

"I feel revived again I am alive again... you got me lifted and lifted you lift me up............I want the world to know I burn for you" toby mac...... what a great song

wednesday nights....

July 14 2005
So as I was eating breakfast this morning and listening to toby mac on my computer I was thinking about what I could right about on my phusebox and this is what came into my mind...... over the past 2 years josh hornbaker and josh carrol have drilled into my mind about how we take wednesday nights with god at church for granted and instead of going to get stronger in our faith we go to have that one day to be revamped so just that one day of church is supposed to keep us going for the rest of the week just that 1 hour and 30 min.... for the rest of the week!!! does anyone else see anything wrong with that!!! I do.. my prayer probably about the past 2 weeks is that God will take this idea out of my head and replace it with a passion for wednesday night at belle aire baptist that I will go to experience something amazing and to see GOds kingdom come and after that to come home and read my bible even more... and Praise Jesus that has what he has done but my prayer is that you guys will realize (if you haven't already) that wednesday nights at church are not to just give you a little high if even that but to help you grow in your faith and to experience jesus in an amazing way... that is my prayer and I know that its clint nadues.....let me tell you this guy has a passion for us, our youth group, and I just hope that sometime soon wednesday nights will become a big stuf worship and it is so possible because guess what the same GOd that is at big stuff is right here in the boro and if that doesn't get you fired up then I don't know what will.... Well everyone have a great day because I know I am and be blessed love you all in the name of jesus

for some reason I wanna tell you weirdos about my day... lol you guys aren't weird

July 12 2005
so How is everyone I am doing great by the way and am really blessed I just got home from work where even though I don't like my job I am so lucky to have it I hope everyone is having a great day and just a great week... Yeah so I got ncaa football 2006 last night and let me tell you it is the most rad game ever I think I will be playing it for the next couple of months... Well have a great night and if you go to belle aire hope to see you at church tomarrow night and be ready to experiece GOD in an amazing way his kingdom will be there I hope you all feel blessed because you all are.... for some reason this line from the john rueben song is in my head and something is telling me to put it on here "my greatest is strength is also my strongest weakness" now I know that is kinda a oxy moron but I still think it is very true.... I have a challenge for you today I am reading Romans and if you have a problem with someone a friend or something like that to sit down and work it out I think the spirit is guiding me as I write this because there are so many times we just let people get to us and we don't even try to fix things that are wrong so if you are a person reading this who is currently in a problem and argument let God deal with it and sit down and work it out trust me you will feel so much better when you do.... I know this is random but I wouldn't put it on here if I didn't feel it had no reason so think deep about it and make sure you right with everyone because tomarrow is not promised and for someone to not know how much you love them because you are mad at them that is crap let the cross outshine your anger and so what if you mad, jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for you the least you could do is do something for him... Well I am done preaching I just feel like someone needs to hear this and if not then maybe I am just weird but I love you all in christ the name above all names and maybe someday I will be able to surrender my whole life to christ and follow him 100 percent but untill then I am just trying to grow and learn about the many things that GOd has blessed me with I hope this has blessed someone tonight and if it did leave a remark it would encourage me just as much as this encouraged you have a blessed night IN CHRIST john (he must increase I must decrease)! AMAZING


July 07 2005
Yeah so I went to the toby mac concert yesterday and it was so cool let me tell you one of his dancers did a flip! off the speaker it was so cool and the rapping and the songs they did were just so much fun.. I went with ben, olivia, alex, and his mom and it was so coool because It started raining and his mom was like hey If you guys wanna stay I will get wet with you so we got to stay... and then today I just got back from running errands and I pretty much am home for the rest of the day because I have been gone every night this week and my mom wants me to stay home tonight so I guess I will be here all day but besides that i hope everyone has a great rest of the day and god bless

the day after

July 05 2005
Yeah so its july 5th right.... that doesn't stop the isabells I went over there tonight and it was the craziest firework shooting ever like if your not careful they will shoot it at you and its so much fun hey well I gotta go getting up early to go see toby mac... WOOP WOOP... oh yeah garrett hope you are having a great time in florida and to everyone else be blessed I love you all GOd bless

saturday yeahhhhhhhh

July 02 2005
well today was saturday got up hung with my mom and then worked like always anyways hope everyone has a great sunday and oh yeah lauren I definitely got you on that last remark I left you Northside!!!!!!!!!!! haha hope everyone is feeling blessed because you truly are and I am going to bed now bye

A God blessed day...

July 01 2005
Well today was cool me and my step-dad worked on my car and then hung out the whole afternoon which was fun.. So I hope everyone had a wonderful day and I will talk to you guys later
In christ JOhn

My first entry

June 30 2005

My name is john barron I go to belle aire.. thats good enough hope everyone is having a wonderful day and I don't have much to say but leave some comments or whatever and I will leave you some I hope god will bless you in an amazing way today................ God bless JOhn