Kidds in pee water

April 17 2006
i had an "OKAY" weekend

Friday- went Shoppin then carnival then Devan spent the night

Saturday- saw Scary Movie 4.. was pretty good

Sunday-EASTER>>>ate at legends<<<went to see The suckedd

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for once.


Ed Hulme

April 17 2006
ive been really busy doing stuff, im gonna start play guitar again as soon as i get a stuff taken care of. but yeah hope u have an awesome week cya


April 20 2006
lol becca said i look like im hungry. whats with the quote? and whats weird?


April 21 2006
well if i looked like im gunna eat something, i bet i would be hungry so im right. so becca can shut it.


April 24 2006
psh "{dont} love tanner" *moving slide