Learning to let Go

August 23 2005
I am learning to let go
Dreams aren’t always for keeps
Sometimes we get them for a moment
Sometimes for a lifetime
You were my dream
Now we must fade away my friend
Wait for the next time our paths may cross
Thankful for the moments I had
Thankful for you

I am learning to let go
Saying goodbye to piece of my heart
Saying hello to the future
I may be letting you go for now, Baby
But one day we will be together again
If not in this lifetime
Maybe the next
I was blessed for the times we share
Thankful for tomorrow
Thankful for you

I am learning to let go
Everyday that goes by without you
Is bittersweet
Sadness soaks my heart
But the promise of a lifetime hangs in view
We may not be together soon
But forever you are in my heart
Thankful for promises
THanful for you

I am learning to let go
Expectations keep me attached to you
Needing to say goodbye to dreams
And hello to reality
I love you with my whole heart
Till we meet again my sweet
Till that day
I will learn to let go.

Surprise Me

August 22 2005
You surprise me
Sometimes life slows down
Then spins out of control
I try to get my barings
Try to find you in the mess
I run after my own tail
Then sit very still
Sometimes with no relief
But then you when I think I’m done
You surprise me
Your touch
Gentle and kind
You smile my way
Letting me know you never left my side
You were there the whole time
I needed only to open my eyes
Your breath on me
Smells so sweet
Your eyes reveal a love so intense
SO pure
How could I have ever not seen it
Not felt it
A truth never gone
You pursue me
Even when my blindness overwhelms
Oh how sweet you are
Your love so intense
So pure
So Devoted
May I never forget
Just who you are
And what you’ll do to find my love

TOday It Rained

August 21 2005
Rain is falling down
I can’t tell anymore where the rain begins and where my tears end
My heart breaks when I know I have broken yours
Each day I start anew
Hoping today will be different
Hoping today I will make you proud

But today it rained
I stood amongst the storms
Knowing my part in each lightening strike
I saw you slowly disappear into the night
Though there was little trace left you stayed near

I walked home in a tornado of pain today
Given a chance to prevent the storm
I chose the way of distruction
I saw the clouds roll in
And knew there was a way to prevent the rain
But I chose my own path
Which led strait to the rain

Today it rained
I stood amongst the storms
Knowing my part in each lightening strike
I saw you slowly disappear into the night
Though there was little trace left you stayed near

I remember

August 20 2005
Today began as any other
One step at a time
I made some decisions
Made many mistakes
One led to another
Before I knew it I was falling hard
Not sure if I’d hit ground
That’s when I remembered

That you surround me
Your glory keeps me from hitting bottom
My humble voice cries out
And your strong arms catch me
You lay me down ar your feet
In safety I rest in your comfort
And you watch over me

Another day comes forward
Remembering yesterdays
I keep my feet in check
Hoping you will walk with me today
Wanting to invite you to my day
Praying you’ll join me

But then I remember:
That no matter what
You surround me
Your glory will catch me if I fall
When my pridful voice calls out
I know you’ll catch me
You’ll lay me down at your feet
In safety I can cling to your comfort
You’ll watch over me

I choose

August 20 2005
Life captures our attention
We serve it with passion and determination
Compromise is no longer an option but a must
We give in to the chatter around
We run a race not intended for our feet

But I choose to seek your kingdom
This day I choose to say yes.
This moment I choose to follow
Not focusing on tomorrow
Not consumed by possibilities
But aiming for the goal of your pleasure
One day at a time
I choose you
I choose

We are told we have options
But one way is always what’s preferred
Our decisions are made for us
We fall prey to lights and action
Hoping we will find refuge from it all
But instead we choose to go quicker down a lonely path

But today I choose you
This moment I choose your love and your grace
I put tomorrow aside and live on the hope of this moment
THe one you are in
I choose to love you back
I choose to serve you