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July 06 2006
myspace is wayyyyy better.

this thing sucks

add me if you want


February 03 2006
    why the fuck do I even update. you guys fucking suck. This whole idea of "online Journals" suck. How about this I wish hitler was still alive, i am a neo nazi/ kkk clansmen and i had sex with your mother lastnight. I bet you wont even leave me a fucking comment for that.

iPod Hacks

January 22 2006
    well, im starting this how-to thing. I just completed my homemade iPod charger. I will post a complete How-To once I get my camera working again, but for now here is some free stuff for your iPod:

Have a nano? Need a case? here is a free one you can print out and design anyway you like: Warning, PDF file

more mto come shortly!!!



December 06 2005
well i ordered my ipod today hope to see it soon

sup, Noyjing much here, Anal Sex

December 03 2005
nahh j.k. well midstate results are out. idodnt make it. but was i expecting to? No, so i really dont care, a lot of people did really well, check the website @ for results. Well i was in latin the other day (btw there is a latin blog) and i was talking really quiet, which we could and megan rice kep telling me to be quiet. but the thing is, i wasnt the only one talkin, so she gives me a stupid-ass "diciplinary sheet", but it was all cool b/c Laura (or Mrs. B and/or Mrs. Birkofer) didint really care she just acted like it when megan was around, well anyways i g2g, i left a wet noodle on a puppie

quote of the day: "The pen is mighter than the sword...if it has been dipped in deadly poison, sharpened to a fine point, and thrown from ten feet away. but your much better off with the sword"

-poor richard's almanac (first draft)

Virgin Blog

November 30 2005
well this is my new fangled phusebox. this is my serious one, i have one that i use for laughs, i'll tell yalllater

quote of the day

"Attention customers, Testicles. That is all"

- Peter Griffin