July 03 2006
My dad and Bos and some guys leave tomorrow to set up camp at Cornerstone (Bushnell, IL) and everyone else is going Wednesday.
I'm not.

Rae and I used temporary dye on my hair today. itz orange on top and black on the bottom. i like it alot.
i wanna dye my hair blonde.

Tomorrow is 4th of July. Family celebration in Woodbury. w00t.

Wednesday, Rae, Brittany, and I are gonna watch Season 1 of The Nanny.

I am going to do something with my life. I must.

"For me, the most important thing is my music. Love in one hand, freedom in the other."

Jonathan Allmon

July 04 2006
You never answer your phone when I call. That's kinda mean. It's like you don't want to talk to me. Jonathan