May 21 2006

Graduation went well.  itz very surreal...

Singing at church this morning was way more fun than i thought it'd be... (some moshing was involved lol)

The Arthritis Walk was successful. We did a 5K walk! w00t! so i am exhausted...

The Graduation party at Scott and Debi's was AWESOME! ^^ great food (big cake ^^ lol), trampoline, ping pong, numerous other activities, music, and very very interesting and fun ppl!

Tomorrow is the End of the Year recital for all of Donna Shearron's Senior (now graduated) students. It starts at Bell Aire at 6. be there or be L-7! lol

"Choosing only the things you like
isn't irresponsible.
If you can't find anything you like
then why accept the responsibility?
I take only the possibilities that I'm ready to accept."