April 14 2006

so, i had an awesome Bible study with Debi and Rae this morning. i learned alot about Debi, Rae, myself, and God. Twas lovely.

Then Rae and I went shopping. We saw Elizabeth and her sisters which was great ^^

i had lunch at Rae's and then i went home

my mom and i went to Woodbury to look for dresses and pay for my cousin's tombstone

our car almost broke down on the way home

i went and saw Scary Movie 4 w/ Rae, Brady, Jackie, Linda, and Amanda.

do not go see SM4. rent it if u must but don't pay $7.50 for an hour of comedy you mostly saw in the commercials.

i love my mom.

"Move me
With all your might"

Marie Marie

April 15 2006
I love collar bones, too, haha. That's great that you and your mom had a good relationship. Don't lose that. : )

Elissa Supyo

April 15 2006
oh! i love you and your mom! so yeah couldn't get a hold of you on thursday to try and get a ride 'cause i called like really late and such. so i am guessing that i will see you tomorrow on notaboutthebunnyday. love you bestest. Lissy