March 04 2006

I had to work last nite so i had to come straight from work to WSS rehearsal this morning at 9! >.< and then we got out of rehearsal early ^^ w00t! then, Rae and I went to Wild Oats ( in Nashville). If you don't kno, Wild Oats is a natural/organic food store. We had lunch there (amazing grilled veggie sandwich thingy ^^ and lattes!) And i bought some non-dairy icecream, soy cheese, veggie corndogs, and fruit leather ^^ NUM NUMS! lol
we then returned to Rae's crib and hung out (watched Date My Mom and Drake & Josh ^^ lol). Then we took a walk. here are a couple of pics from our walk:

Rae and I doing gross faces lol

Rae and I smiling like Dwander >.< ew lol

this is (i think) a very cute pic of Rae and me ^^

i have to work tonite. Church tomorrow... then back to school... w/ WSS rehearsal/head-shots after school. and we have to sing at a game... *sigh* so tired...