August 02 2006


I officially have a new job at the hospital as a HIM Technition. w00t. and my pay is pretty darn good *annoying French laugh* lol

like my this pic...? digital SWEETNESS- magic nectar of life lol

comment, slave!


July 24 2006

This morning, I ran out of gas in the turn lane of a big intersection.

I cried.

Later on, I went and got drug tested at the hospital for my new job.

I peed in a cup.

After my test, I walked to my car in the parking lot.

I couldn't leave.        A car was backed into mine, unmanned and seemingly abandoned.

I called my mom, dad, the police, and security.                     Finally, the cop broke into the car and moved it.

I went home.

I think I'm going to see PotC2!


July 18 2006

Ok, get ready for a butt-load of pictures (from West Side Story, Graduation, and my family New York trip):

look! i'm siging autographs! I'm a STAHR! lol

Dad and me after he gave me money. thatz why i'm so happy lol

Elissa, Rae, me, Bos, and Big Al lol

Me and Mrs. Donna after the Senior recital. I love that WOMAN! ^^

Everyone that was in the Senior recital

Dad, me, and Bos at CHOCOLATE WORLD!! They had singing cows! SINGING COWS! ^^

Dad, me, and Bos on the ferry from The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Mom and Dad on the carriage ride thru Central Park

Me outside the Shubert Theatre where Spamalot is performed.

Dad, Bos, and me in front of the guitars at Hard Rock Cafe bein all gangsta!

Bos and me in the Gershwin Theatre- the home of Wicked!

Me outside the Gershwin after seeing Wicked. ^^


July 15 2006

Lately, I just wanna cry!

The 12 yr. old i watch needs a good smack in the face.

I'm out of Lean Pockets.

I am going to become healthy if it kills me.

What are your biggest fears?

Mine are
                 that God will stop loving me 
                                                                         that I'll lose a family member or friend that I love desperately


July 14 2006

I love the song Show Off from The Drowsy Chaperone.
Last nite, i decided to do a mini performance from the song: sing a line and do a cart-wheel.
I entered the kitchen, sang "You'll never see this!" and leaped forward to do my cart-wheel.
My foot snagged on my grannie's old cabinet
and i now have a chunk of my heel scraped out of my right foot.
*points at herself* Dumb.


July 10 2006

Instead of smoking, people should eat blueberries...

 Image hosted by Photobucket.com 


July 08 2006
There is this one AMAZING scene in MI:2 that makes my heart pound. SO DRAMATIC!
she injects herself w/ the virus and then itz like BAM! DRAMA! and really magical music! *trys to imitate the background music*

i gotta go to work *AGAIN*

my nose hurts.


July 08 2006

Caleb almost broke my nose today. >.<

Bravo. Bravo. Bravissimo. Bravo... Bravissimo!


July 05 2006
I am in the ensemble of Once Upon a Mattress at the Murfreesboro Center for the Arts.

I saw Richard today. ^^


July 03 2006
My dad and Bos and some guys leave tomorrow to set up camp at Cornerstone (Bushnell, IL) and everyone else is going Wednesday.
I'm not.

Rae and I used temporary dye on my hair today. itz orange on top and black on the bottom. i like it alot.
i wanna dye my hair blonde.

Tomorrow is 4th of July. Family celebration in Woodbury. w00t.

Wednesday, Rae, Brittany, and I are gonna watch Season 1 of The Nanny.

I am going to do something with my life. I must.

"For me, the most important thing is my music. Love in one hand, freedom in the other."


July 02 2006


July 02 2006

i got an email from Andy Ford (director of Once Upon a Mattress at Murfreesboro Center for the Arts). he says he can't offer me an onstage role.


June 29 2006


June 28 2006

Congrats to Jesse on snagging the role of Prince Dauntless. ^^


"Gimme gimme..."
<--- Sutton Foster


June 27 2006

"If we discover a desire within us that nothing in this world can satisfy, we should begin to wonder if perhaps we were created for another world."
-C.S. Lewis


June 26 2006

Once Upon a Mattress auditions yesterday at Murfreesboro Center for the Arts were interesting... I feel good about my singing audition. ^^ and overall, i think it was a good experience for Jackie and me. I had fun. Plus- i got to see Richard ^^ lol

Once Upon a Mattress-last chance- auditions tonite @ 6pm! Bring sheet music for ur audition song!

Bubble boy has got to be one of the best movies EVER!

(Jackie's future husband)


June 25 2006
Once Upon a Mattress auditions.


June 19 2006

Look at the set my friend from my Ayu forum made for me!



June 17 2006

Neo Daydream's Avatar

I love Ayu. She is so magical.


June 17 2006

I have to work til 7pm today but if you wanna hang out after that, call me or leave me a comment.

"Love is what I do."- The Wedding Singer (a new musical comedy)


June 15 2006
"We are beautiful fighters
To be honest
There are some terrible days
But the girls who live
Without stopping nor giving up are
Beautiful fighters
The unhealed wound
Sometimes opens
But shuts again in time"
-Ayu (Beautiful Fighters)


June 15 2006

Last nite at Bible Study. Eric led a little lesson on Ephesians 6: 10-20 and it was pretty cool.


June 14 2006

I have a secret w/ a couple of my friends... and i'm excited about it. I dreamnt about it last nite.


June 13 2006
"I even wonder like the word 'love'. How many times has it been erased or deleted or burned? And there are some words that we should get rid of! like... 'goth-tard'...
Just because I'm introspective and I walk among the shadows, it doesn't mean I can't hear you..."


June 12 2006

So who watched the Tony awards? I did. Alot of great performances. Alot of surprises.

gotta love Sutton Foster!