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September 28 2005
How is everyone doing? I'm good I just got home from the hospital seeing my grandfather which i've been doing for the last three months. Sometimes it seems like he will never come home and its hard to see him like that but i just have to keep going cause as hard as it is for me its ten times harder on him I would be so depressed if I was in there for that long. But he is always positvie. He is the best man I know and the best example that I've had in my life. I hope that one day I can be half of what he is. He has inspired me to do so many things. I hope he comes home soon!!! Today at school was fun, but I had a crap load of homework. But its ok cuz I'm finished with it now and I can relax. After school I went to my favorite place...WORK!!! I know I talk about it alot but it is alot of fun for me the kids there make me happy!Then after work I went to true north it was cool I like going there I really want to become closer to God and I hope people can see him in me.
Everyone have a good night!!!

Sara Shaban

September 30 2005
I thank God for people like your grandfather because he's obviously made a huge impact.


October 02 2005
I'll keep you and your grandfather in my prayers. Hope your having a great day!!

Elisabeth Barber

October 09 2005
Alden, Iloveyou! How are you? I hope great. I totally miss you Keep in touch bud

Josh Harvey

October 10 2005
hey i just wanted to say sorry about your grandfather. hope youre doin good ill talk to you later.

Elisabeth Barber

October 20 2005
Alden, great to hear you and your family are doing okay. You know I am always here for you. I adore you<3 be strong

Jessica Sanders

October 22 2005
Hey..I met you at starbucks that one that was random.