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September 27 2005
Hey, how was everyone's day? Mine was good! I went to school which is boring but after school I went to work. It was good but I got stuck inside helping with homework instead of being outside playing. But thats ok alot of them needed help...I still would have rather been outside though. Some of their work makes me feel dumb i can't remember half of it LOL! I wish i was better at giving people advice on how to fix a problem in their lives cause at my job I came in contact with alot of people that need help with stuff, but alot of things I can't help them with because I can't control what happens. It is hard to see some of these kids that are 9 & 10 worring if their parents or siblings will come home or not. At that age they should not be put in that position to worry about adult problems, but all I can do is listen and give support to them.
Everybody Have A Good Night!!!


September 27 2005
Hey thanks for the comment but I didn't write those peoms I just found them online and they expressed what i'm goin through right know but I am thinking about writing a poem soon and i'll put it up on my phusebox if and when I do write one. Well have an awesome day Abi