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September 26 2005
hey whats goin on? Well I was told to get one of these so i did. This will probly always be about the same thing as my xanga lol but I just got home from work a little while ago and got on here and did this. Work was fun today but was also hard its difficult to give people advice on their lives when you haven't been in their situation. Hopefully it helped them and they didn't feel as if I was telling them what to do. These last few weeks have been great! I feel that God has put me at the boys and girls club to help bring the kids who might need it the most closer to him I hope I am fulfilling my purpose by helping children who might not have someone care about them. Have a good night!!!

Jonathan Moore

September 26 2005
Hey Alden, Im glad work went well. Im also glad that you got on the phuse box. Hey thats cool how you feel God using you at the boys and girls club. Thats real cool. Anyways i hope you have a great day!


September 27 2005
my middle name is Alden .. good name *** :)elizabeth