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April 10 2006

Today is monday... I went to school, then boys and girls club just like always. It was a boring day. Last weekend was fun though I ran in a 5K even though I hate running then hung dry wall at my bosses house. Well I'm gonna go ttyl



April 03 2006

Spring Break ended and school started again....That means I have to do something else besides go to work and play....but the year is almost over and that is amazing!!!


March 27 2006

This weekend was fun I went to cowboy town with 20 kids from boys and girls club. They all had alot of fun. It did get cold  but they let us stay inside at first the kids were upset cause they wanted to camp so we set up all their tents inside. then they were happy again.

P.S. Ben, operation ACE starts this week!!!!


March 19 2006

It really sucks that unc got beat now I have nothing to do....


March 11 2006
Its deffinantly been a crazy week...Glad its over!


February 12 2006
I haven't been on here in for ever! I've been kinda busy though with work and losing basketball games. This weekend was alot of fun and next weekend will be too! I guess i'm gonna go cause i don't have anything else to say have a good week!!!


January 07 2006

Well we lost our basketball game today and now I'm stuck at work untill 12:00 how crazy is that? Its ok i'll live as long as I get paid. This has not been a good weekend so far. Its been a rather confusing one. There was a conversaton I had w/ someone that has been on my mind all weekend but hopefully after this weekend it'll be worked out. Lately I've been thinking about alot of things like what am I gonna do when I grow up? I know how little kid does that sound but really sometimes I have no idea.I hope I will figure it out soon. People confuse me sometimes...


January 06 2006
Hey how is everyone doing? Hope yall are having a good new year! I coach my first basketball saturday!!! Hope we win!!! 


October 29 2005
Hey its been a while since I've gotten on here. I just got back New York. It was fun but I'm getting ready to go to bed so I'll say more later.


September 28 2005
How is everyone doing? I'm good I just got home from the hospital seeing my grandfather which i've been doing for the last three months. Sometimes it seems like he will never come home and its hard to see him like that but i just have to keep going cause as hard as it is for me its ten times harder on him I would be so depressed if I was in there for that long. But he is always positvie. He is the best man I know and the best example that I've had in my life. I hope that one day I can be half of what he is. He has inspired me to do so many things. I hope he comes home soon!!! Today at school was fun, but I had a crap load of homework. But its ok cuz I'm finished with it now and I can relax. After school I went to my favorite place...WORK!!! I know I talk about it alot but it is alot of fun for me the kids there make me happy!Then after work I went to true north it was cool I like going there I really want to become closer to God and I hope people can see him in me.
Everyone have a good night!!!


September 27 2005
Hey, how was everyone's day? Mine was good! I went to school which is boring but after school I went to work. It was good but I got stuck inside helping with homework instead of being outside playing. But thats ok alot of them needed help...I still would have rather been outside though. Some of their work makes me feel dumb i can't remember half of it LOL! I wish i was better at giving people advice on how to fix a problem in their lives cause at my job I came in contact with alot of people that need help with stuff, but alot of things I can't help them with because I can't control what happens. It is hard to see some of these kids that are 9 & 10 worring if their parents or siblings will come home or not. At that age they should not be put in that position to worry about adult problems, but all I can do is listen and give support to them.
Everybody Have A Good Night!!!


September 26 2005
hey whats goin on? Well I was told to get one of these so i did. This will probly always be about the same thing as my xanga lol but I just got home from work a little while ago and got on here and did this. Work was fun today but was also hard its difficult to give people advice on their lives when you haven't been in their situation. Hopefully it helped them and they didn't feel as if I was telling them what to do. These last few weeks have been great! I feel that God has put me at the boys and girls club to help bring the kids who might need it the most closer to him I hope I am fulfilling my purpose by helping children who might not have someone care about them. Have a good night!!!