My Last Day as a Carolinian

December 09 2005

Well ya'll,

This is it. I am down to my past few hours in SC and I am having second thoughts. I am sure it is just human nature to question if I am doing the right thing, but I am not sure this time. 

The packing process is not yet finished, so I need to do that pronto. I will be updating when I get back to the 'Boro.

Better Than Yesterday

November 09 2005

Things are finally starting to even back out. Aside from the Strep throat I had this weekend, I am doing reasonably well. School is almost over; which means that I am going home in 9 days! I can't hardly wait. 

My Big dream is continuing to evolve. Here has been a vision placed in Nathan's and my collective heart to see a Deeper group started at his church for the youth and young adults who are looking from something deeper than what the adverage sunday or youth service can give them. There are more than a few of our friends who are hungry for the deep things of God. If it is in His will, and we both believe it is, then we would like to lead the group and dive into the meaty stuff. Soaking, Intersession, Impartation... 

"Deep crys out to deep in the roar of Your waterfalls; all Your waves and breakers have swept over me." -Psalm 42:7 

When will it end?!

October 30 2005

I had my purse stolen today. I lost all by bank stuff, driver's licence, social security card, cell phone, checkbook and digital camera. This on top of everything else has me ready to give up. I just want to be home again. I just want to be home!

I've found an Out!

October 26 2005
So, as long as Middle will take me, I am coming home! And getting out of science! God did a number on my heart. Because I am willing to let him control my dreams, I surrendered my plans for whatever He has in mind. And the dream from Marine Science is gone. I think he gave it to me so that I could move out here and find the Deeper group and grow like crazy! For months now I have been feeling the urge to find a place to get involved in ministry, so when the battle over Nate and the death of my grandmother became more than I could do without my family, God gave me permission to go home. Mom is really excited, and I will be looking for an apartment in the fall once I've worked to save enough for rent. But anyhow, that's the plan.

Satan's Attack

October 14 2005
I need prayer. The attacks won't stop.

The Same Path

September 29 2005
I was taking stock of my blessings today. That always makes for a good day...and I realized how much I love the God who brought me Nathan. As much as I love the man, my love for the Lord is greater. He gave Nate the same heart as me, and then ordered our steps so that we would meet. That alone would never have happened in the world's way of doing things.

Over the past three months God has grown the vision of a new church within me. With sheep who want to taste the fullness of God and shepards who have a heart for the flock.

Since we have the same heart, Nathan has this same vision. We don't know where God is going to move us next, but with Toronto coming up, I can't imagine what He is preparing us for.

Training in Toronto

September 17 2005
As of Wednesday, God has given me another step. He is sending me to the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowing School of Ministry....long name, even longer list of reasons for going! Getting into the prophetic, intersession, prayer ministrys...oh, I so want to go! The confermation hasn't come yet, though and I need that before I can start making plans. If i am going to leave Coastal for Toronto, it would mean loosing my scholorship and other things like that. So, if my brothers and sisters can be in prayer for me, that would be amazing. Check out TACF online!

Gift of Teaching

August 28 2005
The Spirit came. I thank God that he was able to use me on Wednesday. And again today when I did the announcements for the worship service. As long as he keeps using me, I will do whatever.

The next adventure is training for leadership of a small group within Deeper.

A Sliver of the Vision

August 20 2005
I was helping my mentors in the church paint up their house because they found a new one and are trying to sell the old one. These guys lead my college group at Christ Community (see photo titled: Deeper). Well, they told me that the group has grown over the summer and they are looking for leaders to help and take over the small group aspect of the ministry. They asked me to do it. Haha! God rocks. On top of that, they asked me to share on Wednesday about what I learned over the summer. Exciting! Now I am praying that God will give me the words.

Back on the Battlefield

August 16 2005
Classes start back tomorrow. I am praying up for strength, boldness, and guidence. Between the 18 hours of class, two jobs, and everything else, I need to stay focused on my mission and not get distracted by my surroundings. Granted, school is important and it should come before lots of things, but my missionwork comes first. That is how i have to see being here, by seeing my campus as my missionfield. Without that vision, I could se easily get bogged down by other people's expectations, rather than His.

2 Sam 22:35 -"He trains my hands for battle, my arms can bend a bow of bronze."

A New Scripture

August 04 2005
Last night I went to Smyrna Assembly's youth meeting to tell some of my friends there good-bye. (Going back to SC next week) As the lesson was closing and the invitation to prayer was given, one of the young girls came to me and asked me to pray for her. I was shocked since I have only been around a few weeks. As it turns out Nate had sent her to me for wisdom about balancing a college schedule on top of work and church. HAHA, God you crack me up! But it always an awesome feeling to be used by God, and I loved it.

Later at the young adults thing, during worship, Nate took my Bible and opened it to Col. 2:5. It says, "For even though I am absent in body, nevertheless I am with you in spirit, rejoicing to see your good discipline and the stability of your faith in Christ." Aww!


August 01 2005
Continuing to seek what the Lord wants from me, I spent some time at a Praise and Worship service last night. I haven't worshiped in monthes and it was so GREAT! Letting the freedom of worship reign was totally new to me, but I loved it. The Spirit fell and I danced! The joy started bubbling out and I had to get the worship out.

A Missionary's Heart

July 18 2005
I was exploring the desires of my heart with God today when he brought me something new. I want to be used for His glory, not in a small way, but in the sold-out way. I was bumming about going back to school and leaving Nate and all that I have learned at home when He told me to trust Him. He wants to use me in my field of study-the sciences, a place that has so shut Him out. I am going back to school, not to just finished a degree, but to show His plan to the lost...the unseeing lost. I believe He is training me up for the mission field. HOW COOL IS THAT?!? Love you all!


July 16 2005
As some of you know, I had to leave the hair salon because my brother took my job while I was away at school. Upon returning here for the summer, I got a job with Cracker Barrel as a hostess. Feeling like I was here just passing time, I was asking God to bring me somthing new...and He said YES. Enter the boy: Nate Dobbs, a fellow employee of the restuarant. Our first real conversation was about the prophetic and tounges. Our second conversation was about what each of us wanted from God. The third coversation brought out the realization that we had the same heart...that is the same desire for God to use us, specifically in prophecy and healing. Any time we are together, the Spirit is thick. He always has an encouragement or scripture for me, exactly what I needed at that moment, and he can tell you that it's the same for him. Other rather quirky similarities have also shown up. We both love the rain, the smell of lavender, the beach first thing in the morning, having our hair played with, and sharing what God is doing in us. We have fallen in love with the Jesus we see in each other. We don't know where God is taking us, so any prayer for guidence in His will would make a world of difference. I have to go back to school in August, and we need God to tell us what the plan is, or at least the immediate plan.


July 16 2005
Hi everyone. Nice to meet all of you. A bit about me before I go pouring my heart out. :) I am a sophomore at Coastal Carolina with a double major in Marine Science and Biology. I love everything in, around, near, or otherwise associated with, the ocean. When away from the water, I can be found line they say, you can take the girl out of the honkey-tonk, but you can't take the honkey-tonk out of the girl. It's it's too early for dancing, I might be riding a harley with my buddies or out hiking in some remote state park that no one has ever heard of. I am a writer too, with works soon to be published, pending editing. My lifestyle is a conservative one, with my relationship with God being my first priority. That's about it in a nutshell.