Turkey Bowling!

February 18 2006

We set up two liters and bowled with frozen turkey at the BCM all nighter! :-D 

Lots of fun and laughs!

Fun with the snow! :-D

February 11 2006

Yeah so me, daniel, and my dad built this beast today.  We named him "Gigantor"  he's about 7 1/2 ft.

hmmm...so yeah, not to far off

January 20 2006


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What Does Your Name Mean?

God is faithful!

January 11 2006

I've loved getting to hang out with Trinity's youth group.  So many new people!  I poured so much of my life into that ministry when i was in high school.  I was really worried what would happen to some of the ministries that i led.  But God is faithful!  New leaders rose and took control of the ministry :-)  I love seeing christians grow and be willing to serve!

There is a youth internship that will be opening up this summer at Trinity that i am going to apply for.  The youth minister said said he would recommend me, so if the church votes me in then that will be my job this summer.  The position would be working with middle schoolers.  I was going to get a job this summer anyways, but this internship would be a dream come true.  I'm so excited this oppertunity!  Again...God is faithful!

"God, who has called you into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful."

1 Corinthians 1:9

Hiking with Friends

January 10 2006

Me and some friends went hiking today.  Lots of fun ;-) 

Yeah so after i waded across the water, allison was supposed to throw me my shoes.  however, it "got caught on her finger" and she threw it straight up in the air and plop...right into the water.  Yeah...i had to hike all the way back with one soaked shoe. 

That's ok though...she fell in and got more wet than me!  muhaha

Feel free to check out more hiking pics on my pictures :-)


January 08 2006

Festivus was awesome!  The food was awesome, I got to meet lots of new people and see lots of friends i havent seen since summer. :-)  Plus the fire was freaking awesome.  It consisted of around 70 Christmas trees, 5 gallons of gas, and some fireworks.  It even had a couple fake Christmas trees with the lights still on it.  It turned the flame green and blue.

baked alaska??

December 13 2005

baked alaska
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You are sure to set fire to anyone's taste

How do you taste?

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December 06 2005

I've been thinking a lot about peace lately.  I have never had such a crazy schedule as i do now with finals, christmas, and trying to decide a major before i take uneccesary classes.  The past few days,  peace has been seemingly impossible to reach. 

So i prayed about it...and read about it in the Bible. 

To achieve peace, i think we have to become completely dependent on God.  Trust that he will take care of impossible, frustrating, or frightning situations.  Every example of peace in the Bible that i have ever read about have come directly from God. (Numbers 6, Psalms 29:11, Isa 26:3 Romans 5:1 just to name a few)

Peace is not being satisfied with yourself, but rather, seeking out what God would have you be. 

Peace is not worrying about what you don't have, and being thankful for what you do have.

Peace is not the lack of turmoil.  Instead, peace is the comfort of knowing that God will bring you through it.

"Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord" -2 Peter 1:2


November 30 2005

crazy deer and a janitor salute

November 19 2005

There was a newspaper article in Manchester about a deer that went crazy.  He crashed through a couple stores tearing them to peices.  Then, get this...the deer busted through a glass door at an elementary school(one i went to for a couple years)!  The bloody deer proceeded to run wildly through several class rooms scaring the poor kids to death. Of course the school depended on the fearless janitors to get the crazed deer out.  Sometimes i feel sorry for school janitors...they ask so much of them.  If anything nasty or horrific happens in a school, the janitors are always the ones who have to come to the rescue.  I salute you school janitors.

*No one had the curtisy to taking a picture of the deer while it was running wildly through the school to put in the paper.  Apparantly, they  cared more about the kid's safety than a good picture...so inconsiderate.

Love and Crap from going home.

November 06 2005

The Love:  I was amazed this weekend when i had a chance to go back to my home church at how many people cared about me.  Right when I walked into the church building i was swarmed with people wanting to know how I was and how school was going and what all i was involved in.  I was very encouraged and it made me feel all special and gave me warm fuzzys on the inside...it made me miss them all :-(

The Crap:  This crap is a very literal crap...massive flocks of birds have invaded my hometown as they do every year.  However, this is the first year that I had to park my car outside instead of in our garage druing this time...They freakin bombed my car all weekend!  I refused to spend any of my precious at-home time washing my car, so ive decided to bring all of my crap from home to you in M-town! hehehe

*You can check out the bomb-sight on my pics

I could so be a salesman!

November 04 2005

I went to East Coffee Elementary's fall festival tonight(that's where my mom teaches and she always recruits me to work for her game).  The prizes we had to offer were not great if they won and we had an excessive amount of "hippie necklaces" and tops, however these were the 2 least popular.  So I started wearing a hippie neckless and encouraging all of the kids to choose it as a prize when they won...telling them how cool they were and that it was all the rage among college students.  Within 20 mins. the line to my moms game was huge!...all with kids wanting to win a hippie necklace!  It was so funny.  Eventually, we ran out of them, so I started playing with the tops(our cheepest prize) and guess what happened?...that's right all the kids started choosing tops instead.  It was so much fun manipulating their little minds.  Oh and by the way, at the end of the night i won a digital camera...not a good digital camera, but I won it for 1 dollar nevertheless.

*ok...so i tried putting a pic of both of them on this blog, but it i couldn't get it to not be freakin HUGE...so if you want to see um, look at my pics

Cool christian punk band...

October 21 2005

I've been listening to Subseven a lot here recently.

Check um out at www.subsevenmusic.com or  www.myspace.com/subseven  or you can just go to my phusebox page and listen to one of there songs playin in the background.

My Hero

October 09 2005
This past summer, i watched a video that played the song that this blog should be making you listen to. It had clips from tons of christian movies portraying Jesus. It started with clips of Jesus performing miracles and preaching. It ended with clips from the Passion of the Christ of Jesus being crucified. This was the first time I truely thought of Jesus as my hero. Someone who was willing to sacrifice their life for me. So I put this song on here in honor of my best friend, my king, my hero....

*I wanted to change songs on here, so if you want to listen to "My Hero, you can download it here http://www.myfilehut.com/userfiles/11308/My%20Hero.mp3


October 04 2005
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October 03 2005
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