Vacation = fun

July 23 2006

Had a great family vacation in Florida.

We went skim-boarding.  Here's getting ready to throw the board:

Here's me laughing off the pain after i wiped out:

We flew a kite:

ate at fun restaurants:

built a sand castle:

went putt putting:

we even swam all the way out to the sand bar(about 300 yards out) to look for sand dollars. we didnt stay to long cause it was 12 feet deep and we were being pulled out to sea once we got out there.

but yeah...overall it was a great vacation.  I'm glad to be back, but i will certainly miss the beach  ;-)


July 23 2006 pretty boy! i want to play..... lol... do you now have a tan line from your necklace?


July 24 2006
glad to hear you had a good time on the fam's taking off for a few days to st. augustine at the end of the week so i'm pumped for the ocean- finally. have a great day!


July 24 2006
haha! thats exactly what i told her....especially because they werent my feet or hers...cuz those are the only ones ive ever seen her touch and not complain .....well at least not a whole lot.....i think she gave me a foot massage....