amazing four weeks

July 10 2006

these past 4 weeks have been great!  It started with vbs at my church where i got to help teach missions with my dad.  Then the next week was bonaroo.  I had the oppertunity to minister to hundreds of people that went to bonaroo.  Many i got to talk to and build somewhat of a relationship with and try to fit a gospel presentation somewhere in the conversation.  Others i just got to hand out a bible and a frisbee with a track on the back of the disc. 

Then i got to go be a counselor at SuperWow(the camp that our youth group goes to every year and Fort Walton beach FL)  Yeah so we pretty much have the most amazing youth group ever.  Seriously, they are awesome!

Then i got to be a counselor at centri kids.  That was really fun cause i'm pretty much a big kid anyways.  I had the oppertunity to encourage some of our upcomming youth to get involved in our youth ministry so that was cool.

Then after camp i spent 4 hours in terrible traffic to head to Dickson to see Dani.  But yeah, it was definately worth it.  We went to see pirates of the Caribbean which and it was hilarious!  Go see it!  You wont have as good company as i had, but you should still go see it.  Then we went to see a wheat threashing and ate saw how they make flour and cornmill.  it was really cool.  Then Dani took me to the farm.  we skipped rocks, ate watermellon and waded out in the water.  It was beautiful!  three hundred acres of undeveloped land surrounded by hills and trees.  She found a rock that looked like a heart and gave it to me. hehehe Dani gave me her heart of stone:

So now i'm home for a week, then i'm headed back to Florida for our family vacation.  Fun stuff.


July 10 2006
whatever you do... DON'T BREAK IT!!!!