Just so i wont have to explain it 5 million times...

February 25 2006

I was in a car wreck.  Here is how it happened:

  There were two semi's in the emergency lane, a car beside me in the slow lane, and me in the left lane.  The two semi's were trying to merge back onto the right lane which forced the car beside me to swerve into my lane.  fortunately, i was paying attention and saw it, so i swerved into the median.  Then i saw a bright yellow light...no it wasnt the light at the end of the tunnel.  it was the reflector at the end of gaurd rail.  so i cut the wheel hard left to try and avoid it, but instead, my car turned a 180 and my trunk smashed into the gaurd rail at 77ish mph and spun me into the middle of the median. 

I feel very lucky that it turned out the way it did.  I hit a gaurd rail going to fast and walk away with only a sore neck from whip lash.  if i hadnt been paying attention, i probably would be in the hospital right now. 

And just to let you know there are still good samaritans in the world.  A guy that saw the crashed, stopped to make sure i was ok, called the cops, and waited untill they got there.  he also said he would tell the insurance company that it wasnt my fault if i needed him to.  later, a nurse stopped and made sure i was ok, and even later another man stopped to make sure i was ok also.

Thank you Jesus for protecting me.

so yeah, now maybe i wont have to explain it to as many people...