Long time

March 04 2006

It's been a while since I blogged, so i figured I'd drop a line and say that I'm super excited for spring break comming up. I get to go back home to the mountains, see my friends, family, and wonderful girlfriend. Oh yeah, I'm gonna have a birthday between now and then too. I'm excited about that. but anyway. I'm gonna go now.


All of 20 Minutes away

February 10 2006

Good evening all,

I just got back from playing at a D-NOW in Chipley, Fl. Lol. All of 20 minutes away. Anyway, I was kind of worried because I was just asked yesterday or the day before if I would sit in and play electric with them. I said, "Sure." But I was not confident at all. However, It did go well. It was quite free and we played some slower worship stuff; therefore, I was able to play some feeling music (my take on some blues-y stuff). Well, at least John knows what i'm talking about right? Anyway, I have to go watch a movie and then get some rest. Rehearsal for Sunday is at 10AM. Fun Fun.



Old Testament

February 08 2006

Hello, Hello

This will be a short post because it has been a very blah past couple of days. Everything has been fun and life has been productive as it pertains to my moving closer the the B.A. lol. In fact, the only thing that has really been out of the ordinary is my quiet time. I've developed this hunger for God over the last month or so. Maybe it's just me being more serious about my faith, or maybe it's that I've figured out that I only mess things up when I try to do it within myself. Either way, I'm now in a season of my life that I enjoy and hunger for God's Word, and ironically enough the Old Testament (I used to not be able to read more than a chapter in the OT). Lamentations and then Ezekiel. Anyway, Jade is on the phone now so I guess I'll quit writing.

Night, Clint


February 05 2006

I attend an incredible church. I love it...btw that was not meant in a boastful way. However, our church is in Dothan, Al (about 20 minutes from my school) and it is one of a kind in the city. Wiregrass Church is a Partnership Church of NorthPoint Community Church in Alpheretta, Ga. (NorthPoint is the church affiliated with such things as 722, KidStuf, Big Stuf Camps, Passion, etc.) So at Wiregrass we do things alot like NPCC...(not everthing though cause it is a different culture than North Atlanta). We have a full band on Sunday mornings in the auditorium and for our student ministry (NEXUS) which I have the privilage of leading in worship. It's a blast to serve my creator in a church that is trying to reach people I have a passion for.

  Anyway, the toughest part of going to Wiregrass is the teaching. We do everthing live except the teaching, and it is done through 2 huge screens and a DVD. Wierd huh? Well that's not the tough part (I would venture to say that everyone who has come to our church as a skeptic that is in our target people range have no problem with the lack of live preaching...we're just so media driven). The tough part of being an attender of Wiregrass Church is the messages. Andy Stanley may very well be the clearest communicator of God's word that I've ever heard. And if you have a clear communicator you have no problem at all knowing what God says from the scripture. So....what's the tough part? Conviction. Crazy Conviction.

I say all of that to give background of my church life. Today was an experiance. We are going through a series called "Take it to the LIMIT". We are learning to live with Margin in our lives rather than exhausting our abilities which in turn leads to regret and sin. (The later being what culture drives us too). Today was about Moral Margin. And the bottom line is this If we intend to abstain from sex the we need to listen to God and set our limits so far away from sex that if we do ever cross our limit line then there is no big consequence. I say all of this to say: We need to allow God to invade us and to tell us where His limits are for our lives in every area expecially Sexuality. I have made my own mistakes and I know if I would have taken Margin seriously I would not have the regret that I have. God is teaching me moment by moment to live at the limits he gives rather than the limits Culture brings us to.

I Welcome Myself

February 04 2006

So the otherday I was walking from my "Christian Marriage" class to Smith Dorm and I was thinking, "Man, I need a place to just totally unleash all of the frustration I have built up inside of me after this class!" I mean it's stupid really. I get so angry when I hear a couple of certain professor's here and when I deal with all kinds of friend issues. I decided I need a blog somewhere. John had this linked to his facebook so I thought, "God answered" LOL. So here I am...I just wanted to say hello to all the people who might take a minute to read this....which while I think about it now will probably be a number I could count on one hand. But that doesn't matter...It's good to start off with a good little blog so....here it is....many to come...stay tuned