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March 10 2006
HEY guys! wow i havent updated in FOREVER!! sooo sorry! ive been working the myspace thing!!!  haha sorta forgot i had this.. O0O0OPssss! haha well n2m going on here.. just a bunch of softball! but hey thats all cool! well yall have a good dayy!!

New YEAr!

January 02 2006

haPPY neW yeaR!  wow! 2oo6! hope yalls is a good one!


December 16 2005

hey peoples! DANNG shady on the lil comment things arent yall! haha well i was just talkin to some people and looked thru some old photos... **memoRies**

 (warroir walk)


December 08 2005
Hey yall! haha i sound a bit countRRY! ha! well im just sitting in here in math class at the computer lab! takin the stuiped GW practice! YES i made a 80!! haha im so proud of my self!!!!!  well any who! im just bored and thought id update! o and rob if you read this! YOUR STUIPED! haha just kidding i love you! haha and SHAYNE TOO!

why eLLo thErE

November 30 2005
 haha HEY everyonE! thanks for the FEW remarks! but hey i can live! wll im kinda tired right now.. so0o0 i'll talk to all yall later!

like O my Gah!

November 20 2005

wow! me and phill got done with our science proj.! i got done with my english proj.! and my friggin math homework! gah! how much crap are the teachers gonna give us! ok.. well my day went all right... just hung around by myself (parents had to work titans games!) and listen to music! how about you guys? comment me!


November 17 2005
well im at school right now... this is the only fun blod thing the school system hasnt blocked so0o im happy at the moment! wow well ne who... im just sitting around! next to phillip! gah! just kiddin phil u kno i love you!


August 08 2005
hmm i LiKe sHadeS
My UtHer siTe

jUst thInk whaT i WouLd dO

August 07 2005
well im new... so0o yeah