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i've hit it

August 21 2005
well...although it's sad, school has started back...i guess i just want to get outta school...it seems pointless this year...it's sad that i've realized i don't know who my real friends are...and that i can't get rid of my feelings for him....it's just so sad i wanna cry all the time...all the times we had together were amazing, he treated me like royalty, and i treated him like crap, if i could, i would take it back, but God wants me to learn the lesson as to not take someone for granted, i really screwed up big time, i hope he sees how truly sry i am.....but he doesn't have a myspace, so i can express myslef on here, and him never see it...unfortunately i want him to...but oh well....have a good school year everyone


August 21 2005
read your comment on xanga from me.

Emily W.

August 27 2005
you and zach crack me up in music everyday i dont know what i'd do w/o ya'll!!