June 22 2006
Even though I only really know one person on this website, I'm going to tell you about my life anyway. I got my permit about two weeks before I turned 16. whoop-dy-doo.

I decided that I hate my life from after kindergarden until the second semester of sophomore year. Before that I wasn't really alive. wee!

I now have the best boyfriend anyone could ever want. He's awesome, he's sexy, he's perfect. I love him more than anything, /ever/.

I could go on and on, but I'm going to spare the 4 and a half people that are going to read this. :]

I'm so happy.
and kinda delirious, I didn't sleep any last night.
I didn't feel like it.
and I got to see my boyfriend one last time before I leave for camp for five weeks.
I have too many people I'm gunna miss


January 09 2006
Last year there was this guy that went to my school. He was uber cute, and everybody secretly thought he was gay. And then he told his best friend he was gay. And then he got kicked out 'cause he lived a parish over. (county for all you non-louisiana freaks. :] ) And so he left. And then this year I found out he really /was/ gay. And so I told all my friends (that are friends with him) to try and hook me up with him. Which hasn't happened, of course, but still. I called him on new years (I don't really remember it. I remember calling him and Ste but thats it.) and I think I freaked him out or something. And hopefully I'll get to actually meet him soon. I  have no clue why I just told everybody that...

Lets hope I meet him soon. I'm tired of all my exes coming back for more.


AND OMfG My dad got the Sims 2 to work HURRAH!!!!!!!!


December 31 2005
So yay phusebox's back. My life is complete again. haha Well I got an iPod for xmas and the Sims 2, which I have yet to get working 'cause my dad's a douche and made my username on Window's a limited one, which fucks everything up and he's an idiot. Agee got a convertable Mini Cooper! and its sexy. Its name is Molly, and the keys are named Felix. Felix goes into molly. :]

I went shopping with my xmas money and bought shoes and a shirt. I <3 them very much, and I'll put pictures up soon.

*scratches head* I think thats it. Bye!

Pee Ess New years is going to be SO much damn fun!

Moving along

December 15 2005
I HAVE 9 FRIENDS!!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!! I'm movin' up the food chain.

I wanna model. For someone cool that everybody knows.

So who here saw Rent? And loved it. I know I did. :] OMGOSH So Memiors of a Geisha is only coming to like four US theatres for some reason. A move about Japanese girls with a majorly Chinese cast in English thats only coming to a couple of US theatres. How dumb is that? It pisses me off... So I guess I'll have to download it ; )

Imma pirate. Arrrr!

My Life

December 14 2005
So everyone likes my new haircut. Woohoo! I need to do more stuff in my life. 'Cause I do nothing but sit around all day. And I hate it. Any suggestions from reader? haha


December 13 2005
I hate these kinds of things. Ionno why I just made one. Damn boredom.