Photo From Jeans54

August 12 2005

photo from Jeans54

Im a Pro.
seriously, i should go pro.

Whats your ipods name? or if you dont have an ipod, what would its name be? Mines name is Abu.

i wish i could drive.

August 09 2005
I wish i could drive. I really want to go get look-look magazine, and i want to go to fossil, and some other stores. i need new clothes. I also need another magazine holder.

I really want to do soemthing tonight.
Anyone want to hang out?
Or run me around town?

Jason Mr.A-Z

August 08 2005
Let me just tell you, That Jason Mraz's new CD is absolutly fantabulous! It's called Mr. A-Z if you dont have it, GET IT!

Ryan comes home today. :-)

If you had to pick a character in harry potter, who would you be?

Oh the joys of summer reading.

August 06 2005
Summer reading is beyond ridiculous.
It means, you procrastinate soo long that you cant put it off anymore and you are just not sure if you can get it done. It means school is about to start and its time to start mourning the end of summer. It means long, and tidious unwanted reading. It means sitting still. In my case, it means suntan.
Im going to go read and sunbathe.

Who is your favorite not well known artist?

Well i was quite wrong.

August 04 2005
Yay for having more money in my account then i thought! But not much more.

Today i cleaned the upstairs a little bit, then i went to the bank to deposit a paycheck. I went to Music&Arts and they fixed my guitar... for 3$. Pretty sweet huh? All i had to do was get a string fixed and it tuned, but still. Then i went to the cosmetic market and got my favorite lipgloss. yay for DuWop Lip Venom. Then i went to work.

If you had to lose one limb, which would it be, and why?

New to this.

August 03 2005
Let see, my checking account is probably down to like 23 cents. But i got my paycheck today. :-) thank goodness.
I am quite tired, and im longing for bed. the only thing thats stopping me is the clock. 10:24. So much that can happen tonight and i am missing out on it. You know, happen on the internet. Sarcasm.
Im going to bed.

If you one day had to get relocated with the Witness Protection Program and you could move anywhere you wanted and change your name to whatever you wanted...........what would they be?