April 07 2006

i'm not a fan of this weather deal.

atelast i came home to chattanooga.

hope you guys in the boro are ok and stay safe-

yep. worrywart jenny.



April 06 2006

i got a new sweater thrifting today.

well i paid $12 for it. and that's a lot. i know. def. a lot. but yeah. it's too awesome.

going to see the opera this evenign on campus. hope it's fun. should be.

plus i got a little dressed up. so that makes me happy like whoa. yay.

have a lovely day!



funny times

April 05 2006

this makes me happy.

April 04 2006

yes. i bought another luella bartley bag from target. this one was cheaper. and i am in love with it. alot.

gym class heroes. they are fun. and i enjoy them. alot, too.

random quote...

April 03 2006

::that drip of hurt, that pint of shame goes away, just play the game...::

-"What You Own"-


i don't want to grow up...

April 02 2006

i have to be a big girl tonite.

oh yay.


April 02 2006

it's gross and stormy out.

not really gross.

because nothing's really gross when it comes to the weather.

it's just not as pretty.

i need more film. i think i'm out. completely. tho it's still more fun to shoot film than digital...

went and worked out so i guess i need a shower.




April 02 2006

just took a lovely roll of film.

yeah.  a whole roll. and finished off five from the previous.

pretty shots of the morning.

it's gorgeous out.

sunrise = pretty colors

so the pics shalt be posted prob. thursday or so...

take care.




April 02 2006

i'm staying up all nite.

or something like that.

til 8 or 9.

just because.

josh is drunk. and he is hitting on me. and it is very funny.

had an interesting evening.


have a nice nite.




March 30 2006

if i hear one word of gloating....i will be a very unhappy bunny.

besides that.

life is fairly good.

looking forward for a trip to the "big city" tomorrow [ie nashville].


have a lovely day.




March 27 2006

he withdrew.

and i had no clue.

and i'm actually upset by this, which is the shocking part.

another shoot..score

March 26 2006

doing another photo shoot tonite..i'm pumped...this whole photo thing kinda comes in waves..go figure...but it's def. getting me lately.

have a great day!



[NP: Rent (original broadway cast)]

new pictures..

March 23 2006


finished up a roll of film today.

so of course i quickly ran to the nearest [actually, it  was the farther one away] walmart and got it one hour developed.

and so now, i shalt share a few of these lovlie beauties that you too can find on my phusebox pictures [yep. right here] or photobucket.

so have a lovely day and enjoy!




March 22 2006

do one good thing.

then screw it up.


i just wanna see that boy at church.

i just need to stop. males are too frustrating. period.


March 22 2006

i'm a sucker for a song.

and yes, i am up at 7:26 am according to my laptop...

jammin' out...

March 22 2006

so i'm really needing to be studying. 

and i'm not really.

i'm kinda watching mtvu videos. right now i'm on nsync. have also hit up o-town and westlife. i love old pop music.

listening to "pop" by nsync makes me giddy b/c BT produced it. still makes me giddy. and that was five years ago.

i think i'm gonna nab the "celebrity" album from joey when i go home..yes...my bro has it for a strang reason...




["when you finally get to love somebody, it's gonna be me.."]


March 21 2006

fiona apple owns like whoa.

bw3 tonite..score...

some poetic justice

March 21 2006

competing for something i don't even need,

feeling as if i'm so far from the lead,

why can't it just all hit the fan now,

straight to the ending, let the ride run out.

i know that i'm a pretty girl, one that shouldn't try to fight,

but i have some issues with that all deep inside,

she's just too cute and nice and sweet and a flirt to boot,

she keeps them all on a string, usually atleast two.

and she knows what she wants and what she wants on the side,

so why can't she just take what's there for the long ride?

because i'm sick of hearing about what she did, she didn't call back, then what they actually did.

but back to start, i don't need it, it'd be just art, to sit around and watch and play with,

but it'd sure be nice, not to just suffice and get the prize i've originally wanted.

**nick-i'll explain this to ya later...you'll prob. def. get it..**

UFC, look out...

March 20 2006
yeah i so just kicked brenton's butt "boxing".
i'm on reefur's computer, btw.
holly wants to speak now:
hey world how are you!!!!  I am good I just watched a fight and there was blood!!!  Jenny kicked his ass...

so yeah. have great day!


March 20 2006

al gore was not the greatest speaker.

he knew about global warming.

but that was it.

and then he just got stupid.

oh good.

i better have written enough notes for my extra credit.

have a great day!



just for danni and nick..

March 20 2006

i breathed today.

AND i vaccumed my floor!!!!

i feel good..on with my schedule...

have a great day!



::she's an island...::-self

March 20 2006

so i have a strict schedule for myself today..and this isn't on it. ha. but fixin to get on the room cleanage [room checks this evening].

i apologized to my sociology prof. for sleeping thru some of his class..just told him it was one of those days...and i think he can't hold a grudge or anything against that. =)

i'm off to clean the room/eat lunch/chill/work out/ go see al gore speak for extra credit/ go to lab/study.

yeah. i even have everything on a time table.

this will be done.

have a great day!




March 19 2006

walk the line is an amazing movie.



[and it takes a lot for a movie to thoroughly impress me...]

still not very happy..that anger..it kinda got bigger

March 17 2006

i'm seriously thinking about giving up on males.

it has been reaffirmed now.

except that one kind...

i just want to sleep thru tomorrow.

[and that one kind...almost near to impossible to find...]

what a revelation...

March 16 2006

i've decided i don't like boys.

they make me wanna cry.

and that's not cool.

and that one...i still say i could be content never seeing him again...ever....

bitter? nah..

[NP: Jack's Mannequin - kill the messenger]